Corolla outshines Civic

Fast looking compacts - Corolla v Civic

We compare two wild-looking Oriental hatches but are they as out there to drive?

Euro chic SUVs go head-to-head

A head-to-head wagon war

Euro chic SUVs

Euro SUV head-to-head - LR Disco Sport v BMW X1.

Is a new Euro on your list for the New Year? Find out our pick between BMW’s new X1 and Land Rover’s Discovery Sport.

One last shot of adrenalin

ClubSport R8 LSA - 400kW of fun.

HSV needed to come up with a good reason for people to buy its ClubSport - the R8 LSA offers 400 of them.

A head-to-head wagon war

Wagon Wars - Subaru Outback v VW Passat

Which of these two wagons better suits the Kiwi lifestyle?

It's AMG's broadsword

GT S, it's AMG's broadsword.

Toting a twin-turbo V8, the GT-S is most definitely not for the faint-hearted. Is it a 911 slayer?

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