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Thailand X Rated

BMW's xDrive line up tackles Northern Thailand.

We were invited along to drive the range of BMW X machines in Asia recently, to experience their abilities and take in a few sights.

Tin-tops together

Touring cars have little in common with road cars these days. SuperTourer is a dedicated race car built on a unique chassis.
GTS is the most powerful car to come out of Australia.

Ever wondered what’s it like to steer a V8 SuperTourer? We got behind the wheel of one, and took along the HSV GTS for comparison

Plug-in hybrid surprisingly normal

Okay, so one end is plugged in…charging stations are still thin on the ground but with the e-tron range anxiety simply isn’t an issue.

The A3 Sportback e-tron is Audi’s first plug-in hybrid and it’s surprisingly normal. Charge it up daily and you might never buy gas again.

Citroen's compact comfort

New C4 looks strangely normal.

The new Citroen C4 ‘range’ has been reduced to just one model, a high-spec $34,990 offering.

Charger still a good looker gallery

Distinctive Charger silhouette still looks fantastic today.

We recall the days when Chargers ruled the race tracks and the dreams of young teens.

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