Renault teases new city car

Last updated 12:22 28/05/2013

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Renault has revealed how its next-generation Twingo city car could look by parading an outlandish concept car at the Monaco grand prix.

The all-new Twingo is expected to take styling cues from the Twin'Run, a fibreglass-bodied, rally-inspired concept car.

Peel away the fog lights and fat wheel arches and the Twin'Run offers a style similar to the revamped Renault Clio.

The Twingo is a size smaller than the Clio - it's best considered as Renault's rival to the Mitsubishi Mirage and the Volkswagen Up. 

The Twingo has been a huge success in Europe.

While officially a styling exercise with no plans for production, there is a chance that the Twin'Run show car could evolve into something wild for the street.

Its designer, Axel Breun, says the Twin'Run''embodies the mad genius Renault has been known for over the decades'', such as the similarly ludicrous R5 Turbo and Clio V6 production cars.

The Twin'Run has a 240kW, mid-mounted 3.5-litre V6 borrowed from the Nissan 350Z, along with a rally-style sequential gearbox and race-spec interior too wild for the road.

-Fairfax Media Australia

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