Mercedes-Benz reveals 'ultimate' golf cart

Last updated 13:29 24/07/2013

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Mercedes-Benz has revealed a concept of what it bills as the ''ultimate golf cart'' as part of activities at this year's British Open at the Muirfield Golf Club in Scotland.

Created at Mercedes-Benz's advanced design studio in California using ideas submitted by golf fans in a competition held by the German car maker, the swoopy two seater adopts a number of design cues from current Mercedes-Benz models in combination with a door-less one-box profile to give it a highly contemporary appearance that instantly make traditional golf carts appear old fashioned.

The Mercedes-Benz Vision Golf Car is powered by a plug-in electric drive system whose lithium-ion battery is topped up by a solar panel integrated into the heavily curved roof structure. Dispensing with a traditional steering wheel, it employs a joy stick mounted on a sweeping centre console that runs through the middle of the cabin, allowing either occupant to perform the driving duties.

The centre console also incorporates a multimedia panel with a rotating docking station for an iPad or iPhone, together with Bluetooth and USB interfaces. Among the functions incorporated on the Mercedes-Benz concept is a head-up display unit, loudspeakers, air-conditioning, infotainment centre and a communication system conceived to connect the Mercedes-Benz golf cart with the clubhouse and other golf carts.

The head up display unit offers a number of ancillary functions, including a course layout, current scoring status and weather information modes. There's even a ''fore'' button to warn other players of a misplaced shot... 

 -Fairfax News Australia

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