Road Tests

We drive AMG's GLC

Now that GLC is established, Mercedes is adding spice. First up is the biturbo AMG 43 version.

AMG has breathed on the GLC SUV with unexpected results. We drive it.

Barina, Trax face off

In your face: new corporate-GM grille designs most obvious change for Trax baby-SUV (left) and Barina supermini.

Korean small cars get a nip and tuck as the Trax and Barina cross paths.

Soft top but a great drive

C 200 cabriolet adds $17k to the price of the equivalent sedan. But you can't argue with the visual presence.

Mercedes has a plethora of new roof-optional cars coming. It all starts in fine style with the new C 200 cabriolet.

Astra helps Holden tackle 'dad-car' image

Astra RS and RS-V models have powerful 1.6-litre turbo engine with 147kW.

It's next year's most important new Holden. We drive the new Astra and bend elbows with soap stars and celebs.

Panamera suits the circuit video

Second-generation Panamera still super-luxurious. but it wants to be a sports car too.

There aren't many limos you can take to the racetrack. But the all-new Panamera is one.

We drive fastback MX-5 video

Very much a coupe look with the roof raised.

A folding roof and coupe-like ''fastback'' styling adds another dimension to the MX-5. We drive it.

SUV excess means success

SQ7 is the new flagship of the Q7 range - and the second Audi SUV to get the go-fast S-treatment.

Do we really need another enormous SUV on the market? The queue of buyers for the triple-turbo, 900Nm, $175k SQ7 say yes.

More than a Ranger with a boot

Soft-roaders should move over: premium-priced Everest is one of a new breed of ''utes with boots''.

Ford's Everest may not look like a $90k vehicle, but delve deeper and you can see the value.

Audi's ultra-fast yet genteel express

It's massive, but performance of S8 Plus can put the frighteners on some low-slung supercars.

Teutonic limos often pack in tech that overshadows the basic car. Audi's S8 Plus is a refreshing return to business as usual.

Mazda6 is keeping up appearances video

Nothing to see here: no styling changes. But new camera-tech means Mazda6 can brake for pedestrians.

Mazda's flagship sedan gets some upgrades courtesy of the brand's new small-car and SUV ranges.

Small but perfectly formed video

Small but perfectly formed - although the flagship MX-5 Limited gets upsized 17-inch wheels.

We revisit the wonderful MX-5 roadster, as Mazda gets ready to unveil a major step in its development.

Mercedes C-class goes topless

Mercedes knows a thing or two about cabriolets. That's why this one is almost as sharp to drive as the coupe.

The C-class drop-top borrows some really important bits from the flagship S-class.

Fewer pots transform Lexus coupe video

It's the entry-level RC, but 200t comes only in flashy F Sport specification.

A smaller engine has given this Lexus coupe a lot more personality.

Jaguar F-Type SVR is OTT video

One hundred per cent of current F-Type SVR stock for NZ is in this photo. It'll be a very exclusive car.

It's explosive, exclusive, exciting and comes with roar levels of loud and louder.

AMG C 43 cool but confusing

Coupe version not as muscular at the rear as C 63. But then the 63 doesn't have drive to all four wheels.

Numbers mean nothing when it comes to AMG vehicles. But the driving experience still means plenty.

We drive the 2018 Commodore

Cars came from factory in disguise - even Holden's engineers haven't seen underneath.

The next-generation Commodore isn't due for 18 months, but we've been behind the wheel already.

CX-9 completes product blitz

New CX-9 has dropped the old-school V6 in favour of a hi-tech new 2.5-litre turbo from the SkyActiv family.

The roll-out of Mazda's Skyactiv technology has come full circle with an all-new CX-9. But the innovation won't stop there.

Audi A3 loses some backbone

Audi's 1.4-litre A3 range has been consolidated into a single sub-$50k model.

Audi NZ has trimmed its second-best-selling model range down in size. There's a good (and interesting) reason for that.

Abarth Spider has X-factor

Abarth looks like great value at $6000 more than Mazda's flagship MX-5.

Abarth's new roadster succeeds in offering a very different driving experience to the Mazda MX-5 on which it's based.

Chevy Tahoe deserves a NZ shot

Hunky-looking Tahoe body is basically a short-wheelbase Suburban. But still 5.1 metres long.

It's a shame that none of Holden new SUV models being sourced from all over the globe will be based on the Chevrolet Tahoe.

Civic RS Turbo a tasty treat

22082016. News. Photo: Mytchall Bransgrove/Timaru Herald. 2016 Honda Civic RS Turbo, motoring, car.
Reporter: Doug Sail

It seems such a shame that the new Honda Civic is a sedan.

Four doors make coupe desirable

Up front look is pretty much identical to the rest of the 3-Series and 4-Series fleet.

This BMW 4-Series Gran Coupe may not be the most powerful Beemer around - but its one of the prettiest.

Spark lights up NZ's micro-car scene

The new Holden Spark, which is sparking a rise in micro-sized cars in New Zealand.

Holden's new Spark deserves it place as the first-ever micro car to be considered for NZ Car of the Year honours.

Baby supercar still scares you silly video

Entry-level 540C has cleaner look than 570S, with smaller spoilers and side sills.

British brand's new entry-level model still boasts extreme performance.

Back-seat driver is all about safety

Facelift has given the Mazda3 a new grille featuiring a lower positioned brand symbol and bolder wings. All this is ...

Mazda's newly facelifted Mazda3 has a great story to tell - and it speaks out while on the road.

Mini's not-an-SUV wagon video

Mini Clubman is based on the same platform as the BMW X1 SUV. Or other way around, actually.

The superiority of the SUV body shape is a tall story. To prove it, here's a very small wagon.

Testing the supersized Superb video

Yes, the wheelbase really is that long. Good thing there's 206kW and 4WD to hustle it along.

The Skoda Superb is very traditional but hugely appealing, writes David Linklater.

Hyundai's Russian doll Tucson

Tucson or Santa Fe? It's not easy to tell.

It's not easy to tell different Hyundai SUVs apart, but that's all part of the plan.

Save $100K - buy a Merc video

C 63 S coupe is the latest Mercedes-AMG model to use the company's new 4.0-litre biturbo V8 engine.

The Mercedes-AMG C 63 S coupe's engine gets you into the GT S club for $100K less.

The attraction of Vitara traction

Plenty to identify the turbo model - special grille, black wheels - but nothing to say this is the 4WD version.

The Vitara isn't really an off-road vehicle. But get the 4WD model anyway, David Linklater says.

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