Road Tests

MX-5 stays in front

It couldn't be anything but an MX-5 and yet not a panel is shared with the previous models.

There are more choices and accoutrements than every before, but the new Mazda MX-5 remains the beguiling two-seat funster it has always been.

Disco Sport starts new era

The Discovery Sport is a clever blend of traditional Land Rover and Range Rover design values with a crisp modern profile.

Land Rover's new Discovery Sport is set to fill the gap between the Japanese and German SUVs perfectly.

A practical pair go head-to-head gallery

Peas in a pod - The styling and packaging of BMW's new Active Tourer clearly apes that of Mercedes' popular B Class.

Here are two Euro-centric offerings for those looking for something practical but not too big, with premium cachet attached.

Car of the Years battle

Similar size and shape for this pair. Imitation helps when trying to upstage the champ.

A pair of former Car of the Year winners, passed through our hands recently. Is there a standout?

Easy Access to Peugeot basics

Peugeot 308 delivers a comfy ride and resolved dynamics.

This Peugeot 308 may lack the nicer things it is not that bad, especially at the price.

Merc's new son of a gun

Designer Mark Fetherston used his love of Spitfire wings to help create the elliptical crease-lines along the CLA Shooting Brake's flanks.

A more compact new CLA 45 AMG Shooting Brake is a bit of a chip chopped from entertaining block that is the CLS 500.

Suzuki puts fun in a box

Suzuki's new pint-size high-rise is surprising with its breadth of talent and useful packaging

Suzuki's strangely-named Celerio packs a lot into its square-set dimensions.

Little Mazda SUV an appealing drive

Mazda's little CX-3, a new entrant in the burgeoning compact SUV segment of New Zealand's new vehicle market.

Mazda's new CX-3 is an impressive little car quite capable of being a dominant player in the compact SUV segment.

Maseratis tracking well

Maserati's Gran Turismo Sportline is a classic luxury GT with lots of soul and a sound track that's worth the ticket of entry on its own.

Maserati recently extended its customer track experience schedule to include Hampton Downs and a few fortunate journalists.

Base NX is best of bunch

The NX's folds and shapes can be an acquired taste, but they do grow on you.

It may have polarising styling, but in terms of choice, Lexus' new NX model covers so many market bases.

Drive-E boosts Volvo XC60 appeal

The Volvo SC60 D5 Luxury, a re-engined and very economical SUV.

If this is what Chinese investment in Volvo can achieve, then the future looks very bright for the Swedish brand.

Lotus position worth the effort

The basic design of the Exige has been around since 1996, the year the original Lotus Elise was launched.

Drivers have to fold themselves like human origami merely to get behind the wheel of the latest Lotus Exige S.

A wagon, more power, or both?

The Mercedes-Benz C-Class sedan is rated as the World Car of the Year, could the wagon be even better?

For some people, a big engine means more than a small one, even in an era when inconspicuous consumption is much more acceptable.

Panda is Fiat's crazy little Italian

Fiat's diminutive Panda hatch, now the least expensive new car in New Zealand.

What's the least expensive new car in New Zealand? It's the diminutive little Italian hatch the Fiat Panda.

Limited? Not with this little hatch

The Mazda2 Limited, showing off its Kodo "soul of motion" exterior design.

This Mazda2 might be badged a Limited, but it is limited only in its dimensions.

BMW puts the family up front

BMW's first front-drive production car shapes up well among other so-called one-box designs with a distinctive wedge-like look.

The packaging benefits of transverse front-wheel-drive were obvious to BMW and the family-oriented 2-series is the first of many.

Renault Megane RS275 a true hottie

The Renault Megane RS275 Trophee, offering 10 more horsepower than before.

Renault's hot hatch the Megane RS has been made even hotter via more grunt from its turbocharged engine.

Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is ferocious, fabulous and thirsty

The 2015 Corvette Z06 has a "wow'' factor.

Perhaps it's most accurate to think of the Z06 version of the Chevrolet Corvette not so much as a car, but as a motorcycle that's easy to balance.

New Sorento aiming high

Named after an Italian city they cannot spell, Kia's Sorento is a handsome beast thanks to the design management skills of former Audi and VW man, Peter Schreyer.

Nimble new Kia Sorento is ready to put the frighteners on the currently Japanese-dominated mid to large SUV business.

Prius C - likeable entry-point Toyota hybrid

The Toyota Prius C hasn't changed much visually since it was launched in 2011.

It might not exactly set the world on fire, but Toyota's Prius C has a lot going for it in terms of everyday driving conditions.

BMW's X6 M and X5 M: the power and the glory

BMW's newest M-cars are obvious from the front, keeping their cool with more scoops than a tabloid newspaper.

BMW's latest M-division Sports Activity Vehicles offer lighter weight, more power and torque and Porsche-troubling zero 100kmh times.

A car less ordinary

Like the new Octavia, Rapid and Superb models the Fabia III takes styling cues from the VisionC concept displayed two years ago at Geneva.

Skoda's value and fun-packed Fabia shows the way in a marketful of abject ordinariness.

Living with the World Car of the Year

Softer, rounder style disguises the larger over all dimensions of the latest C-Class.

Despite its bottom of the range placement, the Mercedes-Benz C200 impresses as much as its hundred grand more expensive 500 horsepower AMG siblings.

Lamborghini Huracan is well bred gallery video

Lamborghini Huracan displays its supercar form.

Lamborghini aims to please with its new Huracan, the most polished and usable Lambo to date.

Porsche’s Venomous Spyder

Porsche's 918 is the only genuine ropad car to lap Nurburgring's Nordschliefe in under seven minutes.

The 918 Spyder costs over $NZ1million, and we take it around Phillip Island.

Blistering Benz makes the earth move

Underneath the GT S's gorgeous lines is a forgiving race-bred spaceframe, double-wishbone chassis.

Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S on test

Peugeot’s clean-living 308 diesel hatch

The Peugeot 308 BlueHDi - the most expensive Pug, but it has plenty to appeal.

The only diesel in the latest Peugeot 308 selection is the most expensive of the range but there's plenty to like about the hatchback.

Carbon edition Lexus coupe a V8 beauty gallery video

A black carbon fibre bonnet is the immediate giveaway that the RC F Carbon is the Lexus coupe with the greatest performance potential.

We've just scored a NZ exlusive first drive of a stunningly fast two-door coupe - the V8-engined Lexus RC F Carbon Edition.

Learners left in the lurch

Learner driver Maryanne Schruer, 17, has to wait over a month before she can sit her restricted driving test.

Wannabe drivers in Nelson are being faced with a month-long wait to book practical driving tests as people flock to get their licence within the new five-year limits.

New B-class shapes up nicely

Refettled family hatch looks good, gets more kit and offers good choices.

With lots of action occurring around the A and C-class platforms, the B-class Benz almost seems to have been forgotten - but not any more.

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