Road Tests

Alfa is back to its best

Giulia QV is an old-school rear-drive sedan with lots of power. That's why it's so good at doing this.

The good news is that Alfa's Giulia QV is a fantastic super-sedan.The bad news is that it won't arrive in NZ until next year.

Electric zoomin' in a Zoe

The Renault Zoe, the latest electric car to enter New Zealand's new vehicle market.

Let's put aside the Renault Zoe's eye-watering price and ask an important question - what is this all-electric French super-mini like to drive?

Fabia becomes a wagon, Skoda-style

It's a square deal: Fabia wagon stretches styling cues of hatchback as far as they will go.

Don't expect high style in the new Fabia wagon. But you won't be disappointed on space and sheer entertainment.

Hyundai i40 enjoys a crisp shift

Hyundai i40 wagon: diesel and dual-clutch combo works a treat.

The i40 makes a strong case for the old-school station wagon.

Even taxi drivers lack Prius passion

There's a brand new Prius, but most taxi drivers with the old one are now hankering after a Camry.

There's a brand new Toyota Prius, but most taxi drivers with the old one are now hankering after a Camry.

Ford's Sprint to the finish

Rare treat: 1400 Sprints will be produced overall and there are just 50 of these XR6 models for NZ.

The Falcon Sprint is larger than life but also out of time. We enjoy a final fang in the XR6 version.

Mustang worth jumping the queue for video

Nelson Mail reporter Tim O'Connell takes a 2016 Ford Mustang 2.3 EcoBoost convertible for a drive.

We take the 2016 Ford Mustang 2.3L EcoBoost Mustang for a test drive on the sunny streets of Nelson.

Big Merc racer overshadows coupe launch video

Mercedes-Benz GT3 and C63.

A ferocious, aggressive, sexy and ballistic racer steals the spotlight from the launch of a new Mercedes-AMG coupe.

An electrifying performance video

Audi has given its flagship SUV a major boost with the SQ7: its V8 has an electric compressor and two turbos.

Electrically assisted turbocharging is just one of the innovations in Audi's SQ7 SUV. We test it in France.

Is this Italy's most beautiful car? video

The Ferrari 488 Spider takes up where its predecessor, the 458, left off.

Sam Charlwood charts Italy aboard the Ferrari 488 Spider to solve a nagging question.

Attack of the killer turbos

Looks familiar, but there are big changes at the back, under the engine cover.

The latest Porsche 911 Carrera 2 might look similar but there's been some big, potentially-controversial changes to its six-cylinder engine.

Luxury SUV out of India to NZ

Mahindra hopes the addition of automatic transmission to the facelifted XUV will boost its profile in NZ.

Mahindra is big in India, and not just in cars. But it's also hoping to make an impression in NZ with a new family-oriented SUV.

A Volvo out of its comfort zone

R-Design package is one thing, but blue paint, 22in alloys and drop-down air suspension give XC90 aggressive look.

What happens when you go wild with options to try and create a sporty Volvo XC90?

Forget the tech, just drive it

Forget the hi-tech features: it's on the road where you appreciate the 740d's advances.

BMW set out to make the new 7-series the world's most well-equipped vehicle and they've succeeded. But is all the excess worth it?

Jaguar SUV races roads well travelled video

It's a Jaguar, not a Land Rover: F-Pace is heavily biased towards sporty on-road driving.

We put Jaguar's top handling claims for its first-ever SUV to the test in Europe ahead of its NZ launch.

Kia Optima more of the same

Optima still a striking car, but it's not easy to tell the new version from the previous model.

Korean carmaker's new sedan gets zero points for originality, but still impresses with its safety technology.

7 things to know about the BMW 7

Looks familiar, but latest 7-series is all-new and built around what BMW calls Carbon Core technology.

There's a lot going on in BMW's new flagship model, the 7-series. Here are the seven things you really need to know.

Meet NZ's most 'brutal' ute video

Rugged adventure-addenda like spotlights and a Warn winch are standard on Kiwi Brute.

It really makes no sense at all for NZ but you've got to love it anyway.

Middle Hilux is good at everything

Middle model - the Toyota Hilus SR Extra Cab ute.

It's not the best Hilux, but it is far from being the worst and that's what makes the SR ute rather appealing.

Yellow isn't mellow with this fast Ford

Focus is getting close to six years old now, but a recent facelift has succeeded in keeping its looks fresh.

Colour it hot - that's the best way to describe the Ford Focus ST, especially when it is painted its hero colour.

A baby SUV that's quite old

ASX still looks good, although 'jet fighter' face is out of step with Mitsubishi's newest models.

The ASX pioneered the baby SUV genre in New Zealand. But it's time for a refresh, says David Linklater.

New Prius a bit like the old one

Prius rides on brand-new platform, features modified powertrain and new suspension.

The Prius is still Toyota's hybrid icon. But does the new model move forward enough?

Elderly Audi still pretty special

Familiar but menacing: S8 Plus features black trim, lots of carbon fibre and monster 21-inch alloys.

Extreme performance overrules any concerns about the age of the S8 Plus.

Largest Lex gets a Sheik-down

The Lexus LX is a bit more than a Toyota Land Cruiser in ornate costume. But that's the gist of it...

Lexus LX SUV range gets a diesel option, not to mention the other fruits of a comprehensive upgrade.

How to relax in a Rolls drop top

New Dawn convertible is closely related to Wraith coupe and Ghost sedan. And therefore also BMW 7-series.

It still feels like a proper Rolls-Royce but is the Dawn - as claimed - really a lot more light-hearted than the rest of the luxury range?

Velvet gloves cover sports shoes

Low-key looking, but A4 TDI 200kW will rocket to 100kmh in 5.3 seconds.

This Audi is still all about luxury and refinement despite being the fastest model in the all-new A4 range.

Kia adds some cayenne-spice

Flagship Sportage GT-Line looks pretty sporty, but it's biased more towards comfort and refinement.

It's probably too much to expect the new Sportage to be as sporty as it looks.

BMW M2 plays generation game

M2 is the new entry point to the M-car range, but it still looks outrageous.

BMW might finally have recaptured the spirit of the iconic first-generation M3 with the new M2.

Skoda wins the space race

Beardy front potentially makes the Supern more trendy that its Volkswagen and Audi siblings.

If you can get past the facial hair look of the grille, this Skoda is quite superb in many areas.

BMW's X fleet hits the spot

A BMW X3 powers through a sandy track during the xDrive Experience.

We put the entire fleet of X vehicles through their paces, on Auckland motorways and off road.

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