Road Tests

BMW i3 leads the e-charge

BMW i3 was designed as an electric car from the ground up. Pure-battery version does 200km on a charge.

When it released the first i3, BMW NZ swore that there was no market here for the pure-electric version. Things have changed.

A big fat Porsche

Panamera more refined yet more sporting than previous model. And more expensive: $380k for this example.

Porsche's super-luxury limo is still chock full of driver appeal.

BMW's highly desirable foil to luxury SUVs video

Yes the 530d is on a beach. Yes it's all-wheel drive. No, it's not an SUV (it's better).

Adding an estate body shape and xDrive to the 5-series transforms both image and the driving experience.

Luxury length in E-class coupe video

Models from this E 300 upwards get air suspension. AMG styling kit standard across the range.

New two-door isn't sensible, but it is about pleasing the sense.

Isuzu MU-X no longer mysterious

Most visible exterior change is this new nose with its different grille, LED lights and daytime running lights. ...

We drive Isuzu's upgraded MU-X which is probably the most straightforward SUV around.

Another luxury AMG to desire

Pseudo-coupe body style brings sex appeal to GLC. But it's nothing compared with the excitement the 43-badge brings.

Kiwis have suddenly gone quite mad on Merc-AMGs and here's another that ups the fun factor.

The world's most outrageous people mover video

Tesla Model X is based on same platform as Model S sedan. But strange things happen when you open the doors.

Electric performance and weird doors really give the Model X wings.

Fantastic car for Kiwi roads

Chrome-wearing RS-V is the flagship of the new Astra range.

Holden's new Astra hatchback is an international car in a most confusing way.

BMW 540i is hi-tech but old-fashioned video

Elegant, but it's unlikely the new 5-series will wow you with its styling innovation.

New luxury sedan looks like a heritage model, but it's one of the most hi-tech cars in the world.

The day I drove an electric racing car video

Feels like a real racing car in the corners. Just not that fast in a straight line...

Electric racer proves there's more to circuit cars than straight-line speed.

Superb Sportline sweet but not super-sharp

Sportline package dispenses with the chrome in favour of black exterior detailing.

A big family-car favourite has taken up sports.

Real plug-in driving in NZ video

Plug-in version hardly distinguishable from regular Prius. Unless you count our car's fetching silver stripes.

We're spending the next few months in an electric Prius. For now, we've just spent time in a traffic jam.

Optima GT needs more spice

Optima GT looks the part. But what you're mostly paying for is under the bonnet: a 180kW 2.0-litre turbo engine.

There's nothing outstanding about the way Kia's Optima GT operates, but plenty to appreciate.

V8 Jeep missing a spot

It's possible there's too much choice in the Grand Cherokee range. Because we can't see where this one fits.

We look at the secret lurking in the Grand Cherokee range that doesn't often get talked about.

EVs still not for everyone

Outlander PHEV with two real electric cars, Hyundai Ioniq and BMW i3. Ours is the one not plugged in.

OPINION: Electric vehicles have come a long way, but they're still not quite right for us regular people.

Mazda's CX-5 gets fixed video

You could argue CX-5 didn't need much changing. But new model has 698 new parts anyway.

The CX-5 hasn't been a huge success for Mazda, accounting for 25 per cent of its sales. Paul Owen drives the improved new model.

Fast and furious GT-R Nismo video

Latest $308k GT-R (front) leads the Nismo charge for NZ. If that's too rich, there's also a Nismo 370Z (rear).

Here's how you add $100k to the price of your Nissan GT-R: order the Nismo version.

Dressed-up Isuzu D-Max?

D-Max is more about work, less about play than other "lifestyle" utes. Even in more luxurious LS specification.

The revised D-Max ute is still more about function than weekend fun.

Is this still the finest car in the world?

New 5-series is elegant - but can you tell it apart from the larger 7-series?

The evolution of the 5-series takes its biggest leap forward this year. We sample the techno delights of the 540i.

Taking a leaf out of the future video

Nelson Mail Journalist Tim O'Connell with the Nissan Leaf electric vehicle(EV) that the Nelson Mail has had on loan from ...

Nelson Mail journalist Tim O'Connell shares the thrills, trials and tribulations of driving an electric vehicle.

Cruising in the leaf

Samantha Gee with the Nissan Leaf.

As electric vehicles become increasingly popular, we road test the Nissan Leaf.

Delight in detail on new Mazda CX-5

New CX-5 is a crucial: it's Mazda NZ's single biggest-selling model and a hero-car for the brand.

Japanese maker's medium-SUV has been refined to the nth degree, reports David Linklater.

Open-road trippin' in a city EV video

Blue is the hero colour for BMW's very green i3 electric vehicle.

Can you seriously drive a city electric car into the country? We do two road trips in an i3 to find out (and have coffee).

HSV's very fast last-blast Clubsport R8

In the club: last-ever R8 has gained the supercharged engine from the GTS.

You really couldn't ask for a more composed and responsive macho-machine.

Holden's mist opportunity

Once upon a time, you could spot an upmarket model by its foglights. No longer.

Once upon a time, you could spot an upmarket model by its foglights. No longer.

Kia Rio Limited: 2min test

Rio is Kia's new budget supermini. more fun than a high-performance sedan? Some say yes.

New Korean supermini illustrates the joys of driving something modest.

Can a Tesla Model S corner in NZ? video

Model S versus Kiwi backroads: can Tesla's traffic-light champion cope?

We've all heard plenty about this car's electric smarts and acceleration. But does it handle NZ roads?

Four-rings that seek to rule them all

Motoring writer Paul Owen describes these new Audis as buff, chiseled mobile works of art.

Audi's new heroes in the compact luxury car range are both buff, chiseled mobile works of art.

Outlander moves towards petrol-free driving

Doesn't look any different, but upgraded Outlander plug-in has made huge strides towards EV-status.

Groundbreaking plug-in SUV has gained even stronger EV-credentials.

BMW's triple-treat 3-series

Familiar 3-series from the outside. But wait'll you look under the bonnet...

The new 318i may be remarkably cheap, but it provides a rich driving experience.

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