Biker cartwheels to safety after crash


A motorcyclist looked like a goner when he collided with a car in the US, but video shows he ended up looking like a Hollywood stuntman.  

Michael Curtis Smith, 22, said he believes his experience with childhood gymnastics helped save his life, reports ABC News.

"I didn't know I rolled like that," he said. "I shouldn't even be here right now, but I'm here."

Smith was headed to lunch when he collided with a car making a left turn. He catapults into the air, then flips, rolls and walks away. Ta da! 

"When I realised I was up in the air, I just thought to myself, 'OK, I could either land on my head or my feet,' and the next thing I knew I hit my feet and I rolled and I get up," he said.

Then he made a phone call, ''... called my boy, said, 'Come get me, somebody hit me','' Smith recalled.

His friend couldn’t believe the video either. “Phew. Wow! That’s crazy.”

Smith is even considering a new career. "I would be a stuntman. I would do all the things that they do and enjoy it," Smith said. "I'd come in all day. For real," the report said.

The driver of the car, Alex Jay Hall, was ticketed for making an improper left turn and driving with a suspended license, according to Clearwater police. Smith received a summons for not having the required motorcycle endorsement on his license.

His friend suggested he never gets another motorcycle, but a car instead.

That's not the case, though; Smith says he can't wait to ride again.

Smith does say he’ll try to avoid the busy intersection as much as possible.

-MCT/Orlando Sentinel