BMW in aircraft carrier drifting stunt

It's the maverick stunt that appears too good to be true.

BMW has captured headlines within the automotive industry with a video featuring its new M4 Coupe on the "Ultimate Racetrack".

The Austin yellow two-door drifts spectacularly, goosing around a demanding course that was built - digitally at least - atop a massive aircraft carrier.

Few details have emerged surrounding the video, though it is unlikely BMW managed to secure an immense warship and resurface its deck purely for promotional purposes.

But is not uncommon for aircraft carriers to have automotive links, as the US Navy uses multi-billion-dollar carriers to shift sailors' personal cars from port to port, and Land Rover hired the retired USS Intrepid aircraft carrier to unveil its Discovery Vision concept ahead of the 2014 New York Motor Show in April.

Lamborghini also used the Italian carrier ITS Cavour to show off its Veneno roadster in 2013.

BBC's Top Gear killed off its original Stig test driver by launching his Jaguar XJS from HMS Invinicible, a stunt inspired by a similar effort from Citroen that sent a Visa hatchback to Davy Jones' locker.

Sydney Morning Herald