Hero truck driver saves two from fiery crash

A United States truckie is being hailed as a hero after pulling a grandmother and a 1-year-old from a flaming car wreck.

The pair were travelling in a Lincoln Town Car in Mississippi on August 11 when their car struck the fuel tank of a truck and burst into flames.

The fireball was caught on the dashboard camera of David Fredericksen's truck.

A minivan can be seen driving past the car as it is engulfed in flames but Fredericksen stops his truck and a short while after can be seen jogging towards the car with a fire extinguisher.

Fredericksen told ABC News he had thought the occupants would have died, but when he reached the car he was shocked to see a woman trying to kick the passenger door open.

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Other good samaritans can be seen following him towards the car as he rips the door open.

"We noticed there was a lady in the front, kicking the front seat – the door, trying to get out, and when we opened the door I noticed a 1-year-old little girl in the back seat," Fredericksen said.

"She was pretty happy when I grabbed her out of there."

Fredericksen carried the child to safety first, with others helping to free the grandmother.

"We got them both away from the car, and it just went up in flames," his trucking companion, Walter Letterman, said.

The fire left nothing but charred metal behind.

Scott Swanson was driving the truck involved in the accident and said he had no idea how no-one had been killed.

The grandmother was lucky to be left with just a broken leg while the toddler sustained minor injuries.

"When you see something like this you have no other choice," Fredericksen said.