Biker's standing landing after rear-ending

Last updated 10:12 21/08/2014

Dashcam footage shows a motorcyclist's standing landing on top of the car he or she rear-ended.

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Dramatic dash cam footage shows a Belarussian motorcyclist flipping in the air and then landing safely on his or her feet on top of a car after a rear-end collision, according to The Moscow Times.

The video was uploaded to the video-sharing site LiveLeak on Tuesday and then shared on Reddit. It's since been posted to YouTube and shared by news organisations around the world.

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In the footage, a sedan and a motorcyclist both try to get into the left lane, the motorcyclist is unable to stop in time and crashes into the sedan, flies in the air and lands perfectly erect on the roof of the car.

The drivers' identities are unknown, but The Moscow Times reports that the motorcyclist didn't have a license.

-MCT/Orlando Sentinel

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