Sky-high parking in your lounge

Last updated 14:39 27/08/2012

Singapore high-rise offers homeowners the comfort of parking their cars right beside their living rooms.

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Forget parking in the basement – a new high-rise apartment complex in Singapore is offering car parking inside your apartment, no matter which level you're on.

The new 30-storey Hamilton Scotts building in the ritzy Orchard Road area has an elevator for cars which will deliver the vehicles to the “en suite sky garages”, a glass case for cars next door to the living room.

The owner must drive the car into a garage onto a turnstyle, hop out and scan a fingerprint on a biometric scanner, which will then use a computer system to send the car to the correct apartment.

The downside is the price. The cheapest apartments in the complex cost S$9.8 million (about NZ$9.6m) and come with two parking spots. The S$30m (NZ$29.6m) penthouse residences have four parking spaces.

KOP Properties in Singapore is behind the development, and chief executive Leny Suparman told Reuters at the launch of the apartment block that the homes would appeal to a very well-off and particular type of buyer.

“These buyers are very discerning. They've seen a lot, so they're very exposed in the world, so they are looking for something that's unique and different,” says Suparman.

Suparman told the Financial Times the parking space isn't just a garage: ''It's done in such a way that it's a museum showcase, it's not just a car park.''

Despite exorbitant taxes on imported cars – including a 41 per cent customs duty and 150 per cent registration fee, both based on the value of the car – Singaporeans buy more Lamborghinis and Ferraris per capita than almost any other nation (Hong Kong is equal).

-Fairfax Australia

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