Toy Tonka truck becomes life-sized reality

03:38, Jul 19 2013

Brad Doane has taken a beaten up 1984 Chevrolet pickup and turned it in to a life-sized Tonka tow truck.

The Doane family business from Wisconsin in the US has been all about big trucks for three generations, but as Kare 11 News reports, it has taken them 66 years to add a tow toy to their fleet.

Brad's mum, Lorna, claims credit for her 40-year-old son's life-sized creation after buying a preloved toy Tonka tow truck at a charity auction.

"He said, 'Mum, I want to build the Tonka'," Lorna told Kare 11 News.

It was no real surprise to Lorna who added "he had every Tonka there was".

Brad bought the truck's drive train via the old Chevvy in a roadside purchase for US$700 and then spent 12 months cutting, welding and bending before unveiling his very own Tonka.

"You can't mistake what it is. Dang, that looks like a Tonka truck," Brad says.

"When you're driving down the road and you meet people, it's not like they give a double take; it's like a triple take," says Brad.

Brad's desire to keep the truck true to the original, means that it won't be towing many cars as its winch is a hand crank.

"I had to keep it true to the little guy you know."

Brad plans to show the truck in parades and other community events.