500,000 Lego-piece hot rod runs on air power

20:39, Dec 18 2013

Move over solar cars - a pair of tech-wizards have created an air-powered car made entirely of Lego.

The yellow hot rod, made from 500,000 pieces of Lego, is the brainchild of Australian entrepreneur Steve Sammartino and 20-year-old self-taught technology genuis Raul Oaida, of Romania, who met over Skype.

The air-powered engine was also made of Lego and used four orbital engines and 256 pistons, the Daily Mail reported.

It could reach a top speed of 29 kilometres per hour.

"We were scared of a lego explosion so we drove it slowly," they said on their website, Superawesomemicroproject.com

Sammartino said the car, built in Romania and shipped to a secret location in suburban Melbourne, showed the success of environmentally-friendly equipment.

"'What really matters in the world now isn’t so much the new technology. It’s people having access to the technology," he said.

"It’s about people using their imagination to put things together in ways that people haven’t thought of before. That’s where the real power is."

The car, a "hot rod design, mainly because hot rods are cool," was crowd-funded and cost more than NZ$22,000 to build.

In 2011, the pair also launched a small space shuttle made out of Lego into space. It reached an altitude of about 35,000 metres above the earth.