Jaguar claws Merc's 'magic' chicken ad

01:05, Dec 19 2013

Jaguar has shown its claws in poking fun at Mercedes-Benz in a car ad that shows no cars.

It what might be seen by some as continuing the classic British-German rivalry, Jaguar shows it is no chicken in the advertising game.

In response to Mercedes-Benz's "magic body control" campaign from earlier this year that featured a group of chickens being moved around to simulate how well its new active suspension works, Jaguar has entered the fray with its own chicken with a twist ad.

Jaguar's intriguing take on the Mercedes-Benz campaign adds a dancing scientist and a big cat to the recipe.

Bottom line is feathers will fly if a dancing chicken gets too close to a big cat.

Jaguar's clever response ends with the words, "Magic Body Control? We prefer cat-like reflexes".

Watch the Jaguar ad above and the Mercedes-Benz original below.