Tourist injured as elephant flips car

23:40, Jan 14 2014

Terrifying video footage has emerged of an enraged bull elephant overturning a British teacher's car while she was on safari in a national park in South Africa.

Sarah Brooks, 30, and her fiance were filming the animal from their car as it drank at a waterhole when it turned and attacked them.

The elephant flipped their vehicle with the couple still inside, and shunted it about 40 metres down a track into thick bushland.

The attack was filmed by tourists travelling in a car behind.

The woman pleads with her partner to ''go, go, go,'' becoming more frantic when the elephant approaches their car.

''It's going to come our way, it's going to come our way,'' she says. 

After the elephant flipped Brooks' car a child is heard saying ''they’ll be dead''.

Brooks was airlifted to hospital after the elephant's tusk ripped through her upper thigh during the aggressive attack.

She has been discharged from hospital and is believed to be recovering in South Africa with her fiance, Jans de Klerk, who escaped with less serious injuries.

The couple were on holiday to celebrate their recent engagement and for Brooks to meet her fiance's South African family, friends said.

Park officials later shot and killed the elephant which was in musth, a periodic condition in males that makes them aggressive when their testosterone levels rise by up to 60 times.

It also had an injury, which is believed to have increased its aggressiveness.

The attack was believed to be the third by an elephant at the Kruger National Park last year.