I'm naked - now you see me

A new cycling safety video is pedalling an interesting road to get noticed.

The Automobile Association in Britain has undressed the issue of cycling safety in asking just what would it take for motorists to start noticing bikers and cyclists?

Naked cycling might not be the ideal solution but the UK AA says the intrepid volunteer certainly turned a few heads on his commute through busy London streets.

The stunt, part of the AA's #ThinkBikes campaign, has won support from the New Zealand AA.

"It's a great campaign, getting across a really important message with a bit of humour,'' NZ AA spokesman Dylan Thomsen said.
"Just like the AA in the UK, the NZ AA has been concerned for some time about the number of people hurt in crashes while cycling.
"Drivers not seeing someone on a bike is a common factor in crashes so hopefully a video like this can help make people be a bit more aware of everyone around them on the roads and always look before they make a move.
"We're going to stick to encouraging cyclists to wear hi-vis clothing and lights to help be noticed though."