London crash launches Lamborghini into air

A $600,000 Lamborghini Aventador has been launched into the air after colliding with a little Mazda in a London street.

The dramatic footage of Sunday's smash appears to indicate the Aventador was speeding as the Mazda pulls out in front of it from a side street. The force of the collision launches the Italian supercar into the air narrowly missing a Nissan SUV and deflects it into stationary BMW 3 Series.

Thomas Melsen, who filmed the accident, told the Daily Mail that he started filming when he heard the Lamborghini coming.

"... this was the absolute last thing I ever imagined I would end up witnessing."

There were no injuries in the smash.

The Daily Mail also reported that the Lamborghini, which has a 6.5-litre V12 engine and can accelerate 0-100 kmh in just 2.9 seconds, was filmed being driven in an aggressive manner just minutes before the smash.

Police breathalysed the drivers involved but no arrests have been made.