Dash cam captures head-on crash with rolling truck

A US university professor has walked away from an amazing head-on crash with a cement truck that was all recorded on his dash cam.

The incident happened as Dr Guan Zhu, a professor at Texas A&M University in College Station, approached an intersection in his Toyota Sienna minivan.

From the opposite direction, a cement truck ran a red light and the driver, in swerving to miss traffic, lost control and the truck rolled and slid along the highway, smashing head-on into Zhu's vehicle.

Neither Zhu or the truck driver received serious injuries.

Zhu told television station KBTX that he had installed the dash cam about a year ago in case he was involved in an accident.

"It's what happened, you know, I could not remember in my memory, a truck is coming, and I could not remember exactly how it happened and then the video says that's how it happened, kind of turning like 45 degrees before it hits my vehicle," Zhu said.

The truck driver was ticketed at the scene.