Rain floods homes, businesses gallery video

Flooding in the seaside suburb of Lyall Bay along Wellington's south coast near the airport.

9:41 AM  Accident and Urgent Medical Centre closes while 27 flooded buildings attended to in two hours.

Photos: How's the weather at your place?

Child's death probed

Police are investigating how 15-month-old Leith Allan Hutchison died from head injuries.

9 min ago  Police examine "several" scenes as they investigate how a 15-month-old boy died from head injuries.

Tramper thought swept away

tramper generic

Searchers find pack and raincoat believed to belong to a tramper who may have been swept down a flooded river.

New mum stresses scans video

Terryn Poharama says her daughter, 5-year-old Rahnui Owens, is her "miracle baby".

A young mum who opted for a 4D ultrasound finds her unborn baby had a rare brain condition.

Kiwi feared dead after quake video

Rescue team members search for bodies in the debris of a collapsed temple at Basantapur Durbar Square in Kathmandu, Nepal.

9:07 AM  One Kiwi is feared dead in the aftermath of the devastating Nepal earthquake.

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Fraudster appeals home detention

Glenda Wynyard will appeal a sentence of eight months home detention.

17 min ago  Glenda Wynyard gets eight months of home detention.

Officials face corruption charges

10:41 AM  Three people connected to Auckland Transport appear in court to face corruption charges.

Child sex charges laid

Fraudster set for appeal


Key 'understands' use of force

27042015 News photo: Chris Skelton / Fairfax Media
Prime Minister John Key meets with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan in Abu Dhabi.

9:19 AM  As Gulf States warplanes pound Iran-alliedĀ HouthiĀ rebels in Yemen, Prime Minister John Key says he "understands" the use of force.

PM lampooned on US show video

Prime Minister John Key's ponytail pranks have landed him another spot on US comedy show Last Week Tonight.

Prime Minister John Key meets with Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan in Abu Dhabi.

Beehive Live: MPs return

10:11 AM  After a three-week recess, the MPs have returned and are ready to face a grilling on the last 21 days of events.


Suspicious fire damages school block

A fire ripped through Warkworth School’s sports equipment room, toilet block and store room early on Monday morning.

11 min ago  Warkworth School has lost sports equipment, toilets and a store room after fire ripped through a school building.

Booze ban for halls

A Vic Uni accommodation hall has banned alcohol after ''excessive drinking" and wild behaviour that left holes in the ceiling.

Diana Lakin and Penny Howard are calling for  changes at the Millwater Parkway and Bankside Rd intersection.

Fourteen red light runners a day

10:30 AM  It is only a matter of time before a child is killed at an Auckland intersection where drivers are running red lights, parents say.


A long road to mental recovery

The length of the recovery should not be underestimated, says Caroline Bell, head of Otago University's Mental Health Clinical Research Unit in Christchurch.

9:56 AM  After recovering, there is the recovering from the recovering. And it may take 10 years.

Mum stresses pregnancy scans video

A young mum who opted for a 4D ultrasound finds her unborn baby had a rare brain condition.

Clare Templeton and Helen Craig in front of the old nursing quarters at Whangarei Hospital, now converted to an office block.

Relishing five decades of care

9:48 AM  It's been fifty years since they graduated, but two Whangarei nurses still love coming to work each day.


Sustainability from the heart

The de Jong family, winners of the supreme award at the Waikato Farm Environment Awards. From left, Talbert de Jong and partner Emily Meese Tineke, Simone and Frans de Jong.

Farming sustainably comes from the heart, award-winning farmer Frans de Jong says.

Empty rates rising in Waikato

Empty cow rates are up over much of dairying heartland Waikato as farmers respond to a squeeze on their wallets and outlawing of inductions.

Lowering the stocking rate and using a feed pad are two actions that could help reduce a farmers' nitrogen leaching, an ongoing DairyNZ study has found.

N leaching reductions possible

Nitrogen leaching can be reduced by 40-50 per cent if the cows are stood off on a feed pad at a reduced stocking rate.

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