Private health info leaked


Southern District Health Board apologises after private details of 60 patients accidentally sent to member of the public.

Prescription error hospitalises woman

Lundy murder retrial: week 4

ON TRIAL: Mark Lundy.

18 min ago  Expert gives graphic detail about blood and tissue matter found at the crime scene.

Cameraman to take PM to court

Cameraman Bradley Ambrose on the job at the Auckland Nines.

4:18 PM  News cameraman Bradley Ambrose will sue John Key for defamation in February 2016.

Northland P lab raided

Methamphetamine (Ice)

A meth lab "capable of producing a large amount of the drug" was discovered near Kaikohe yesterday.

Auckland lawyer struck off

The Honorable Peter Graham QC warned against getting rid of the shareholder meeting rule.

3:38 PM  Lawyer filed false documents allowing him to secure a first mortgage on a commercial property.

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Tourist went 178kmh

Constable John Paterson, with his laser speed gun, makes sure motorists keep to the speed limit outside school zones.

4 min ago  'My dad has diarrhoea' - A British tourist who was clocked at 178kmh tried to excuse his speeding to police. It didn't wash.

Lundy retrial: paint flecks examined

18 min ago  Paint flecks found on the bodies of Christine and Amber Lundy at centre of questioning in retrial of Mark Lundy.

Officer mauled

Charged with kicking dog to death


What if Peters wins in Northland?

NZ FIRST LEADER: Winston Peters arrives at the Te Tii Waitangi Marae in last month, the day before Waitangi Day.

If NZ First leader wins the seat, the proportionality of Parliament would change - making it harder for National to govern.

Tony Abbott a mate in need

OPINION: Australia's PM is running out of mates on his side of the Tasman, but John Key still has his back.

SQUARE ONE: David Bain's quest for compensation continues.

Bain case taxpayer costs mount

Taxpayers foot near $300,000 legal bill as David Bain challenged a rejected report into his compensation bid.


Fascination inspiration

Starry eyed: Dave John Owen has opened a new space centre in Kihikihi to teach Kiwis about astrology, astronomy and space exploration.

A man with a keen interest in the final frontier has launched his own space centre which aims to educate others on life outside of Earth.

Boost for under-achieving schools

Five high-need Kiwi schools are getting a $50K a year bonus to offer to the right principal.

Water works: Students begin their tenure at Waikato University by mixing it up in the university pool.

Hamilton, be prepared

Whether it's drinking every night, watching a Grammy-winning act at a music festival or competing in the hungry games, students are making their plans for O-week.


Prescription error hospitalises woman

Owning full rights to drugs in the US is forecast to strengthen Mayne's earnings in the world's largest economy.

3:51 PM  A woman ended up in hospital for five days after her pharmacist switched her medication without telling her.

'Find your way home'

Hospital staff gave elderly man a phonebook when he needed to get home after stent surgery.

An example of the plain packaging designed for cigarettes sold in Australia.

Plain tobacco packaging urged

Anti-smoking group says NZ is falling behind on standardised cigarette packaging.


Tenth fruit fly found in Auckland

RESTRICTIONS: A sign in the Auckland suburb of Sandringham warns people to be on the lookout for fruit fly

But the Ministry of Primary Industries is still confident it's dealing with a localised population.

Stay positive, keep motivated

By good management and fortuitous leasing of land, the Groves are making the most of a tough dairying season.

SEEKING NEW CHALLENGES: Terry and Judy Walters were only nine years older than the oldest cadet at Smedley when they started as managers.

Changing guard at Smedley

With the farm cadet scheme in good heart, the station's managers are keen to take up a new challenge.

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