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Stabbing victim 'touched lives'

Police at Broderick Rd, Johnsonville, close to where Noel Hudson Garratt was stabbed to death.

Man stabbed to death in Wellington, allegedly by a woman, was a strong and active believer in Jesus Christ.

An 'admirable' maths teacher

Auckland Grammar teacher Simon Toon, who was caught masturbating in a classroom, downloaded porn when employed at King's College.

Cops must stop arguing and write a cheque

'I've lost faith in police'


Is there slavery in Wellington?

Former Indian High Commissioner Ravi Thapar says staff of diplomats are paid according to the regulations of his country.

OPINION: The reality is, diplomats can effectively treat their staff as they wish without consequences.

'I'm a role model for women' video

Helen Clark's handshake is still cast iron strong; the self-confidence still supremely intact.

A handwritten fire sign inside a south Auckland boarding house.

Gov't pressured to regulate 

Overcrowded and unsanitary boarding houses have been put on notice: clean up your act or face closure.


An 'admirable' maths teacher

Former Auckland Grammar School Teacher Simon Toon, who has been convicted of performing an indecent act in a classroom.

Auckland Grammar teacher Simon Toon, who was caught masturbating in a classroom, downloaded porn when employed at King's College.

Improving school: We're not fiddling the figures

Is it fair to criticise schools whose scores are inflated by struggling students pulling out of NCEA tests? No, says James Cook High School.

NCEA pass rates graph

NCEA pass rates - By the numbers

What's the deal with NCEA pass rates?


New beat for business

Doctors medical stethoscope, health, Wellington, New Zealand, Thursday, October 26, 2006. Credit:NZPA/Ross Setford

Medical innovation is a growing trade area for New Zealand.

Island ladies in town for mammogram

A group of 60 women from the Chatham Islands have arrived in Palmerston North for an epic girls' weekend, and all in the name of health.

Grant Looker and his daughter Abbey are moving on with their lives after his health improved thanks to a new cancer drug.

A walking miracle video

Cancer was expected to kill this Taranaki dad within days of his daughter's wedding, but he fought back - and won.

Women of Influence

On being Women of Influence video

Former Cure Kids CEO Vicki Lee speaking at the launch of this year's Women of Influence programme at Westpac HQ in Auckland.

Some of our Women of Influence alumni on what being a Woman of Influence means to them.

A sporting winner

Therese Walsh was the supreme winner of the board and management category in 2013.

AUT business graduate Anna Garrett (L) sits in on a meeting with Xero managing director Victoria Crone and Xero head of accounting Grant Anderson during AUT's Shadow a Leader day.

Xero MD gives students time video

Xero managing director Victoria Crone gives students a chance to Shadow a Leader for a day.


Couple battle tough times

Jono and Kelly Bavin are the 2015 Southland-Otago Sharemilkers of the Year

Award-winning Southland couple have battled through a tough season

'The world needs less milk'

There's so much milk flowing out of US cows these days that some is ending up in dirt pits.

The family getting out on the farm together, from left, Ben, Paddy 2, Maz 5, Millie 3 and Deanne.

Farm to city and back

A Tararua couple reveal how the call of the land was too strong.

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