Police probe mayor's funding

Auckland mayor Len Brown's 2010 and 2013 election campaign funds are being investigated.

Checkout girls docked too

A supermarket boss told teenage workers to fork out up to $700 when shoppers walked off with trolleys.

One woman's fight for justice

When charges weren't laid against her alleged attacker, Tamsin Trainor took matters into her own hands

Dozens volunteer for Ebola mission

11:21am New Zealanders are jumping at the chance to help fight Ebola in Africa.

Art tutor's deadly history

Raurimu massacre killer Stephen Anderson's job is news to a Wellington art school's staff and students.

Fugitive killer sent packing

Recaptured paedophile Phillip Smith is to be deported from Brazil within 10 days.

Son of 'Black widow' claims he is a marked man

This story has been removed.

Foster parents jailed

More time in jail after call

Alarm at leaked spy law

Controversial "temporary" terror law changes to crack down on suspected foreign fighters come before Parliament this week.

Little: A reasonable man

Labour’s new leader faces an uphill task - getting the party’s act together.

Quiz: Know your Labour leader

Rennie's reputation takes a hit

Harre quits Internet Party

Laila Harre is calling time in the top job of Kim Dotcom's failed political experiment.

Medicated since intermediate

Plumber doesn't know where he would be if he hadn't been diagnosed with dyslexia and ADD.

Trouble or troubled? Teens overdiagnosed

Principal questions why "nerdy" or "quirky" kids are over-diagnosed with learning difficulties.

PPTA agrees on teaching roles

Union vote backs reforms

Top teachers all class

A trio of Feilding teachers have been recognised as expert educators.

Care changes needed

Reviews of 11 suspected-suicide deaths in have revealed more issues with the mental health service.

Free to look to the future

It took five years but Nick White can talk again after losing half his tongue to cancer.

Woolly thinking a real life-saver

Gran versus the killer

Cancer diary book to help others

Mother who watched her 7-year-old daughter die of cancer turns her diary into a book to help other families.

El Nino still possible

Disjointed weather patterns are too unclear to suggest farmers are heading into a El Nino event.

Risk seen in soaring prices

Angus NZ president wary of beef prices rising beyond the budget of everyday shoppers.

Red cattle beef up op

On the pig's back

Community gets in behind

It was supposed to be a reconciliation but a Waikato community instead vented its frustrations on a farmer's behalf at a restorative justice meeting.