Jupiter and Venus align over NZ

Venus and Jupiter huddle over Dunedin on Tuesday evening, the pair will be visible again on Wednesday night if skies are clear.

11:54 AM  Star-spotters treated to sight of two bright stars on Tuesday - but they were actually Venus and Jupiter.

Assault trial for top principal

Former Kristin School executive principal Peter Clague is on trial in the Auckland District Court.

7 min ago  Top principal being privately prosecuted for assault by ex-wife says he is the victim of a campaign to destroy him.

Body at Auckland house video

Police tape cordons off the house where a man's body was discovered.

Man found dead at house which neighbours claim was the scene of a recent commotion.

A sick collection of pets

A pig found on the property of Lawrence and Ronald Ward. One pig died on the property, while others had to be euthanised.

Two brothers have been called "animal hoarders" and compared to crazy cat ladies.

Seal's Waikato River adventure

"It put its head under the water and popped back up 20 seconds later, it was quite cool," Cullen Matthews said.

It sounded like a goat, but on further inspection what one worker was seeing was an adventurous seal.

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Jailed for hospital sex attack


0 min ago  He went to the hospital to collect cigarette butts, became aroused at the sight of women, then he attacked.

Assault trial for top principal

5 min ago  A top principal being privately prosecuted for assault by his ex-wife says he is the victim of a campaign to destroy him.

Stoush looms over Kirsty Bentley's ashes

Fatal crash driver sentenced


Harmful online messages targeted

Justice Minister Amy Adams' bill passed its final hurdle in Parliament on Tuesday.

Cyber-bullying law makes sending harmful messages or put damaging images online an offence.

Clouds loom over NZ economy

Dairy prices are softening, stocks in China are tanking and Greece is in crisis mode. How worried should we be here?

The queue for second-chance tickets to the Super Rugby final outside Te Papa weaved for hundreds of metres.

Beehive Live: Just the ticket

It's all eyes online Wednesday morning, as extra tickets go on sale for the Super Rugby 


School denies girl suspended

"I thought New Zealand was a country with freedom of speech?? What grounds do the school stand on for suspending me?" Anela Pritchard posted.

12:36 PM  Student who criticised teachers was not suspended, school says.

Anela Pritchard speech to school

As many of you know I recently got suspended from school. Here is what for:

Southwell pupils Gabriel Mikkelson (front) Harriet Stephanie (11), Amelia Le Comte (11) and Finlay Buckell (12) are heading to the United States to compete in the World Kids' Lit Quiz.

Southwell whiz kids read their way to Connecticut

11:59 AM  Not many people could answer a series of questions about anthropomorphised animals, but a group of power readers from Southwell School could cream the competition in that category.


Calorie rise blamed for obesity

An oversupply of calorie-laden food is the main culprit in the global obesity epidemic, a Auckland University study suggests.

11:24 AM  Too much food, rather than too little exercise, is probably to blame for your expanding waistline.

Editorial: Free GP visits worth it

OPINION: Extending free doctors to cover all children 13 and under will not be cheap but the pay-off is worth it.

Springlands School pupils, from left, Ava Elsmore, 9, Grace Calder, 9, and Brayden Giles, 10. Fizzy drinks are not sold on Springlands School grounds, and children are discouraged from bringing high-sugar drinks into the school .

Tax sugar like booze and smokes - dentist

The Government should treat sugar in the same way as tobacco and alcohol, dental officer says. 

Women of Influence

On being a Woman of Influence video

Former Cure Kids CEO Vicki Lee speaking at the launch of this year's Women of Influence programme at Westpac HQ in Auckland.

Some of our Women of Influence alumni on what being a Woman of Influence means to them.

Speak to an astronaut video

Nasa astronaut Wendy Lawrence answered some burning questions about space.

"If you work hard and have the right attitude, you can actually do a lot of things that you think you can't. I think it's about belief," says Therese Walsh.

A sporting winner

Therese Walsh was the supreme winner of the board and management category in 2013.


Kiwi deputy of world farming body

Federated Farmers president  Dr William Rolleston is humbled by vice presidency of the World Farmers Organisation.

NZ's William Rolleston has been elected vice president of the World Farmers Organisation.

Newbie in dairy goat industry

A NZ-based nutritional products company has formed a supply partnership to make a push into the dairy goat infant formula industry.

PGG Wrightson Seeds will cover the costs of testing done on cattle grazing on swedes.

PGG foots cattle testing costs

PGG Wrightson Seeds will pay the costs of medical testing done on cattle grazing on swedes.

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