Mary Kisler

Curator's chance find

A stroke of luck has brought a rare 300-year-old artwork into Auckland Art Gallery's collection.

Camera car copping stolen vehicles

A car that can detect stolen vehicles as it drives past has made its debut in Wellington.

Fraudster likely to be jailed

A woman has admitted befriending an elderly man to steal his eftpos card and clock up $90,000.

Sex offender 'roaming streets'

A mother is angry that a man who she says robbed four girls of their childhood is still allowed to live in the same community.

Combat kills, as do elephants

Defence Force personnel have been killed not only on the frontline, but also by elephants, snowcats and aircraft propellers.

Builder charged with site thefts

Builder A Hamilton builder is accused of a spate of burglaries targeting homes under construction in Tauranga.

Principal censured over actions

The principal of the Far North school where a teacher molested 20 boys has not been deregistered.

Shaken by armed raid attempt

Remorseful robber jailed

All square in debate

David Cunliffe Leaders change their performances from first debate, and spark up over poverty, housing and tax.
| The debate | Your verdict

Beehive Live: The show goes on

From Invercargill to Auckland, with a UN date to boot - it's another busy day on the campaign trail.

Collins stands defiant

Campaign Diary

Key v Cunliffe: Your verdict

After the first debate the money was on David Cunliffe, but how about now? We ask you.

Online visas widen 'gate' for students

Foreign students and tourists can now apply for student and working holiday visas online and track the progress of their applications on the internet.

Get back to education basics

It's great our kids get to try exciting things at school, but not at the expense of reading, writing and maths.

Students eat their words

The write stuff to study at UCLA

Making music at 35,000ft

When a school concert band boarded a plane in Dubai they never expected to be part of a marriage proposal.

Pharmac to subsidise medications

Pills, drugs Pharmac will subsidise a $7000 cancer medication that could save hundreds of lives.

Did age hold back diagnosis?

Young mum, who had suffered bleeding for five years, believes doctors 'glanced over bowel cancer' due to her youth.

Rollercoaster transplant journey

Shining a light on child obesity

Clock ticking on DNA

A looming legal deadline may spell the death of some people's only chance of having children.

White overalls spark dispute

meat worker A set of white overalls has sparked a stoush between NZ Meatworkers Union and Awarua-based South Pacific Meats.

Hazard behaviours studied

Aussie expert on stock loss in bushfires says NZ farmers are more likely to have to deal with floods, volcanic hazards, or earthquakes.

Common sense required

Onion secrets shared

Dairy prices drop again

Fonterra's milk payout forecast is under pressure as dairy prices suffer another big decline.