trevor smith

Police admit delay

Dementia sufferer Trevor Smith was likely to be already dead by the time police launched search.

Accused in court

An Ashburton man stood quietly in the dock as he faced charges of murdering Susan Cleveland and Peggy Noble.

Convicted Samoan allowed to stay

Samoan man jailed over an underage sexual offence wins right to stay in NZ because of devotion to severely autistic boy.

Threats to staff close offices

A spate of threats has closed Work and Income offices around the country a day after a double shooting fatality at an Ashburton office.

CTV probe escalated

Professionals connected to CTV building collapse have moved closer to possible manslaughter charges.

Cop found guilty

Jenny McNee A police officer has been found guilty of racially abusing a taxi driver in Queenstown.

Knife in Hastings Winz threat

The man who threatened the Hastings Work and Income office was carrying a knife.

Too scared for school

Mighty River fraud prosecuted

Leaders debate: Let's call it a tie

David Cunliffe John Key promises National will bring NZ to the "cusp of something special", while Labour's David Cunliffe just wants a fair deal.

Collins inquiry 'weeks away'

PM says probe into former justice minister won't be completed until after the election, as Labour calls for wider scope.

Beyer not sanctioned over criticism

Greens demand $4 pay hike

Peters' bottom-line

PM won't rule out royal commission on Judith Collins after Winston Peters made it a bottom line in any post-election deal.

Get back to education basics

Education basics - A girl's hand writing It's great our kids get to try exciting things at school, but not at the expense of reading, writing and maths.

Students eat their words

Manurewa East School students learned about different foods before putting their cooking skills to the test.

The write stuff to study at UCLA

Controversial essays banned

Towering future awaits

The 11-year-old chosen to follow in Steven Adams' footsteps already has one big thing going for him.

Shining a light on child obesity

strap With most parents unable to tell if a child is overweight, should anyone else be raising the issue?

Doctor's app targets salt

Reducing salt in your diet could be the key to reducing heart disease, researcher says.

Inadequacies, failures cited in deaths

SFO called in

Clock ticking on DNA

A looming legal deadline may spell the death of some people's only chance of having children.

Training lacks credibility

Farm training Agricultural industry training is under fire from farmers who claim qualifications lack value and credibility.

Livestock attacks 'cowardly'

Sheep rustlers using dogs and traps continue to target the flock in Auckland's Cornwall Park.

Sediment linked to sheep

Added-value dairy exports needed

Red devons catching on

Red devons may not be well-known in New Zealand but they have a well-deserved big reputation overseas.