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Reports of shooting in Auckland

Myers Park in Auckland is in lockdown.

0 min ago  Auckland's Myers Park was in lockdown on Sunday after what is believed to be a fatal shooting.

Lost Aussie laptop tracked to NZ

8:49 PM  A student left his laptop on a park bench in Sydney. A week later it turned up in Rangiora.

Man burgled before death

Hamilton walkway cordoned off


NZ safe in TPP talks - Groser

Mexico's Economy Secretary Ildefonso Guajardo and New Zealand Trade Minister Tim Groser at the TPP talks.

It's "political fantasy" to believe NZ will be dumped from TPP negotiations, says trade minister.

Key leaves girl in tears

Teen says she was "upset and embarrassed" when John Key dismissed her idea for Maori language month as boring.

NZ First MPs Denis O'Rourke and Mahesh Bindra have opposed a proposal to adopt a policy which would force "new settlers" required to take out medical insurance for a decade.

Forced insurance policy stoush

A NZ First MP would resign if his party adopted a policy forcing "new settlers" to take health insurance for a decade.


Why juries need to know

Blessie Gotingco, a mother of three, was run down and murdered on her way home from work.

OPINION: Justice may be blind, but justice is not well-served by blindfolding our jurors as well.

Skilled workers still needed

The internet is still not going to give you a haircut.

Donald Morrison

Tickle teacher trial: What the jury wasn't told

A jury that acquitted a teacher of indecent acts wasn't told about photographs of a young girl found on his school computer and a pair of girl's underpants in his classroom cupboard.


Health worker sacked for refusing to comply with board policy

One staff member has been sacked and others suspended as the Waikato District Health Board crackdown on those who refuse to comply with the board's flu policy. Pictured chief executive Dr Nigel Murray

9:02 PM  One Waikato District Health Board worker has been sacked and a "number" of others suspended for not complying with the board's flu jab policy.

Fraud accused doc: Pray yourself better

A patient is angry over the advice and medication she was given by a doctor accused of fraud.

Cardiologist Clyde Wade will be tending to his 50 acre deer farm in Temple View.

Waikato cardiologist retires

A doctor who pioneered cardiology services at Waikato Hospital has retired.

Women of Influence

'Technology is the biggest story' video

"Society has not even begun to imagine where it would go," Gibbs said.

Time editor Nancy Gibbs believes technology is the biggest story in this "golden age of journalism".

How do you define success? video

Some of our Women of Influence alumni discuss their views on what it means to be successful.

"The science network is a bit more male dominated. It is quite hard to break into even at the higher level," says Margaret Brimble.

A woman's voice in science

Distinguished professor Margaret Brimble won the Women of Influence in science and innovation award in 2014.


Clean and green, but not GM-free

Produce grower John Bostock says Hawke's Bay should have the right to stay GMO-free.

Hawke's Bay premium food producers protest "back door" move to strip regions of the power to stay free of genetically modified organisms.

Where every day is a good day

Ken Shaw isn't looking for a career in governance, but he makes an ideal chairman for the Waipaoa Farm Cadet Trust.

While the TPP is expected to see widespread tariff reduction, Japan, Canada and Mexico may retain restrictions on dairy products.

TPP tips over video

In welcome news for Kiwi dairy farmers, Trans Pacific Partnership talks in Hawaii have failed.

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