Spike in water deaths

DEADLY BEACHES: Of 18 deaths in New Zealand this month, 15 were men. Eight were beach deaths, compared with just one the same time last year.

With 18 drownings overall this month - up from 10 at the same time last year - safety leaders are concerned.

Auckland abuzz over Nines

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - JANUARY 16: (L-R) Manu Vatuvei, Shaun Johnson and Sam Tomkins pose for a portrait following during the New Zealand Warriors NRL Nines team announcement at Eden Park on January 16, 2015 in Auckland, New Zealand. (Photo by Hannah Peters/Getty Images)

Hundreds of fans swarm the NRL Nines fanzone keen to see the Warriors.

The reluctant leader

020914. News. photo: Kent Blechynden/Fairfax NZ. Green Party Co-leader Russel Norman goes walkabout at Cuba Mall.

Over nine years Russel Norman transformed the Greens from minnow to third largest party in parliament.

National MP Mike Sabin quits video


3:55 PM  National MP Mike Sabin has resigned, citing personal reasons.

13 city cycleways wheeled out

Nelson St cycleway announced in Auckland

3:22 PM  Projects in Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch and Dunedin will cost $37m.

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Teen in court over Waikanae assault

Court generic, NZ court

Teenager pleads guilty to four charges over assault of elderly couple in theri Kapiti Coast home.

Teens flee cops in stolen car

Four Waikato girls are being investigated in relation to a spate of car thefts in Auckland.

Creepy couple unmasked video

Fraudsters' parole hearing deferred


Russel Norman to step down gallery video

STANDING DOWN: Russel Norman.

Russel Norman will stand down as co-leader of the Green Party in May, citing family reasons.

New chief coroner appointed

2:53 PM  Auckland coroner Deborah Marshall will replace NZ's first coroner, Neil MacLean, who is retiring.


National MP Mike Sabin quits video

3:55 PM  National MP Mike Sabin has resigned, citing personal reasons.


New international students strategy

Arts-based degrees force you to broaden your mind, before the world around you tries to stitch it closed again.

Moves are afoot to strengthen Manawatu's international education scene.

New standards result in fewer students

Almost 4400 fewer students are enrolled in NZ universities this year after the entrance bar was raised.

Security a priority

Security alarms, self-defence classes and security checks are some some of the ideas put to tertiary students to help keep them safe.


Brain pathway linked to overeating

THE BINGEING PATHWAY: It's likely this brain circuit evolved to support bingeing - an evolutionary beneficial behaviour in pre-agricultural times when high-sugar foods were scarce and seasonal.

Struggling to put down that pack of chips or chocolate? It's all because of a pathway in your brain.

Do we have a 'fattist' culture?

While other countries have embraced surgery as a cost-effective way of fighting morbid obesity, a reluctance remains in New Zealand.

Free: Craig Wilson keeps baby Jamieson Randall happy while his mum works out.

Bootcamp classes proving popular

Neighbourhood police and Christchurch fitness enthusiasts are giving anyone and everyone the chance to improve their wellbeing at no cost.


Milk supply cut to hit GDP

Fonterra dairy factory

Economist predicts Fonterra's slashed milk production forecast will probably not cause a recession.

Water crisis halts irrigation

Major Marlborough water supply may be turned off on Monday, its earliest shutdown in nearly 50 years.

JERSEY DAYS:  Kathy Craw, Logan Bowler and dog Spy with jersey bull calves which they are selling in order to supplement their income during a low payout year.

Farmer employs a soft touch

A Marton couple have started from scratch.

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