Michael Miller

A kidney between friends

They are best mates who will do anything for one another - even give up an organ.

Bystander lies beside dying man

A Dannevirke resident lay beside a seriously-injured motorcyclist after he crashed his bike overnight.

Choppy seas delay controversial ship

Heavy seas are delaying the entry to Tauranga of a ship banned from Australia over welfare breaches.

Empty hospital set on fire

Police are investigating a suspicious fire at New Plymouth's abandoned Barrett Street Hospital.

Judith Collins' downfall: 'Death by 1000 cuts'

Blogger Cameron Slater denies being responsible for Judith Collins' downfall, saying his email stating "Collins is gunning for [SFO boss] Feeley" wasn't a lie but "embellishing is a good word".

Shooter targets buses

Bus Two Dunedin buses were shot at by an alleged drive-by shooter with an air rifle yesterday.

Rapist 'a revolting human'

A Wellington poet who locked a woman in his shop and raped her has been jailed.

'Disgusting' act in carpark

Convicted doctor loses registration

Dirty politics inquiry?

LABOUR LEADER: David Cunliffe. David Cunliffe calls for a full investigation into the Government's "underhand tactics".

National and friends: The highs and lows

Even before Judith's quitting today, there's been no shortage of hot water for National MPs and their allies to get into.

Beehive Live: Collins' resignation

Hager's hacker

Judith Collins: Career timeline

In light of Judith Collins’ resignation from Cabinet this afternoon, we look back over her time in Parliament. 

Grittier texts lure in readers

book Teachers are increasingly turning to darker tales to get pupils interested in reading.

Shades so cool for school

A Cambridge primary school has put optional sunglasses on the uniform list.

Principal issues drugs warning

Outrage 'won't stop calm classes'

Towering future awaits

The 11-year-old chosen to follow in Steven Adams' footsteps already has one big thing going for him.

No new measles cases

Measles There have been no new cases of measles notified to Waikato District Health Board in the last fortnight.

St John 'not a charity'

A former St John volunteer is questioning whether it should be run as a charity given lives depended on it.

Residents angry after asbestos burnt

$80m bill for boozing

Clock ticking on DNA

A looming legal deadline may spell the death of some people's only chance of having children.

Burn-offs leave residents fuming

Farm burnoffs in South Canterbury looking towards the Hunter Hills. Concern is growing about the effect of rural burn-offs on Timaru's air.

Farmers milking technology

Farmers need to sort the wheat from the chaff when it comes to new technologies targeted at making it easier to do business.

Milk is the go for firm

Delays frustrate hemp growers

Fire control warning

Canterbury farmers warned to keep winter burn-offs from spreading or face big bills in fire control costs.

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