Supermarket shopping

Families feel bite

With food prices at their highest in three years, low-income families are feeling the pinch.

Fraudster sentenced

A viticulture and winemaking student was sentenced for taking more than $20k from WINZ.

Kids appeal help for ailing mum

'We just really want our parents back'

Three Nelson siblings are appealing to the public to help raise $80,000 so their mum can have ongoing specialist treatment in Germany for a rare form of lung-cancer.

Night hampers search

Search for woman missing in a swollen Northland river was to be suspended and resumed tomorrow.

'Appalling' driver blamed informant

Man thought he was being chased when a motorist followed him after dobbing him in to police.

Brother jailed for murder

gavel Man who shot his brother at point blank range before dragging him behind a car for 1.4km sentenced.

Inside the mind of a stalker

Glenn Green and police say he is the country's most dangerous stalker and seems he's interested in stalking me.

Rizalman file opened

Tasers more favoured by police

Stand tall, says Flavell

Te Ururoa Flavell Maori Party adopts that theme, Tu Maori Mai (Stand as Maori), as its rallying cry for the election.

Harre on the other side

In her previous life, the new Internet Party leader was the Left's darling of her time, their warrior princess at the Cabinet table.

DOC hits back at Greens' claims

No chance for Sri Lankans

Maori Party aims high

The Maori Party has launched its election campaign by outlining its ambition and policies.

Pay rise for UCOL staff

UCOL The drawn-out industrial dispute at UCOL has come to a close, with polytechnic staff pocketing a pay rise this week.

Same-sex dates can go to the ball

A conservative, Catholic all-boys' school has given the ok for gay couples to attend the school ball.

Teacher was text pest

Imagine this for your child

School must cough up for hair bill

A school must pay part of the legal costs of a student suspended for refusing to cut his hair.

Half the man he used to be

Dean Rattray An Ashburton man no longer lives in fear of his heart stopping while he sleeps after losing more than 120kg.

City food forest is growing closer

Plans for a network of public food forests in Christchurch are starting to take root.

More 'mega obese'

Dirty secrets revealed

A heartbeat from death

Quick-thinking of a fellow table tennis player saved the life of a man whose heart stopped for 15 minutes.

Lab milk to hit shelves

Milk A new milk due for sale in 2016 could threaten NZ's $17bn dairy export industry.

$40,000 fine after river turns pink

Allowing piggery effluent to flow into a stream lands a Waikato disposal company with a large fine.

In farmers we trust

Research needs to be more accessible

Genetic selection boosts antlers

Producing deer with some of the biggest antlers in NZ careful genetic selection and a dollop of luck, says a South Canterbury deer farmer.

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