beer thief

Beer bandit wheels away 100 litres

A Christchurch restaurant is left out of pocket after an alleged thief swipes two beer kegs from the premises overnight.

'Bodies in car overnight'

Murder-accused allegedly stayed night at co-accused man's house with bodies of mother and daughter in his car, court heard.

Bar hours battle begins

Footage of drunken revellers played to a court considering a test case over when alcohol can be sold.

History as Parliament opens

Pomp and ceremony as Parliament officially opens. | Live coverage | Quiz: the new MPs

Wrongly denied pain relief

Nurse refused pain relief to a dying woman because she didn't look pained enough to need it.

$70k of emergency equipment stolen

Police Tool boxes, generators and 540 blankets stolen from Civil Defence facility during break-in.

Jail for police taunter

Man who taunted police on Facebook sentenced to six months in jail for breaching home detention.

Pricey stolen goods traded for drugs

Multiple men charged with rape

Ardern bites at 'Beltway babies'

Jacinda Ardern Labour MP Jacinda Ardern rejects "beltway babies" jibe, saying she's "worked longer in a fish and chip shop" than as parliamentary staffer.

PM ramps up talk of Kiwis in Iraq

NZ troops could soon follow Australia in training Iraqi security forces to fight Islamic State.

Oath wording strikes discord

Union backs Andrew Little

History as Parliament opens

Pomp and ceremony as Parliament officially opens. | Live coverage | Quiz: the new MPs

Could you spell these words?

George Sabonadiere A 13-year-old Dunedin lad has won NZ's Spelling Bee, despite going in to bat for a rival.

Support for boy's hair fight

The student briefly stood down for his haircut has received an outpouring of support.

Hair hard-line not the way

Should schools rule looks?

Go bankrupt, avoid student loans

Increasing numbers of Kiwis are going bankrupt overseas, allowing them to avoid repaying their student loan.

Died for her beliefs

Rachel Riddell A former Jehovah's Witness came to the hospital for minor surgery. Then things went terribly wrong.

Patient 'neglected' before fatal fall

Man found with brain injuries after hospital fall should have been checked earlier, coroner says.

Changes after fatal falls

Agonising wait for dental help

Hospital uses poo transplants

Donating a liver or kidney is no longer the ultimate gift - now you can give your faeces.

Booby traps cost farmers

poachers Desperate poaching hit farming couple found themselves on wrong side of law after setting booby traps on their property.

Capital gain banked on

Dairy farmers are being offered mortgage lending that will charge interest based on milk prices and the capital gain on their farm.

Levy vote loss slated

Drought feared as region dries out

Shift to sales focus

Hawke's Bay organic orchardists Clare Buckner and Erin Simpson to focus on the local market, not exports.