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Two attempted robberies in Invercargill

A New Zealand police car.

10:17 AM  There have been two attempted robberies in Invercargill, police say.

Lightning proves perfect cover

A burglar used Auckland's big weekend storm as cover for an audacious $10k burglary

Police 'censor' esteemed researcher

Deportee ashamed to be in NZ video


Protest hailed as success video

Police attempt to talk down Greenpeace protesters who scaled NIWA ship
Tangaroa in Wellington.

11:12 AM  A court date has been set for Greenpeace protesters who stormed a NIWA research vessel in Wellington.

A trail of broken promises video

There have been at least 60 reports, reviews or reforms on child abuse since 1992. Few seem to have much difference.

Australian Senator Ian Macdonald says he does not believe the path to Australian citizenship is too difficult for Kiwis who live there.

Should NZ become Oz state?

Sick of raw deal across the ditch? NZ should become part of Australia, politician says.


Principals urge parents to have their say

Auckland principals say changes to the  Education Act will affect generations of school children.

Auckland principals are urging parents to have their say on what changes should be made to the education system. 

Pair farewell teaching after decades

A pair of Manawatu teachers with more than 80 years of experience between them say a love of learning has kept them in the job for so many years.

Truancy rates have risen by 31 per cent in Marlborough.

More kids bunking off

Report on national truancy rates shows Marlborough above average for "frequent truants".


Fonterra workers contract disease

Disease contracted at Fonterra plant in Paihatua.

Two contract workers and one Fonterra employee admitted to hospital.

'This is what she wanted to do with the money'

Angela Sunkel's family donate money to support patients with cancer.

Nic Coulton now wants to help others with epilepsy.

Epilepsy leads to artistic expression video

For the first time in his life, Nic Coulton wants to tell people about his epilepsy. 

Women of Influence

Being a woman in a man's world video

Joan Withers had little time to contemplate her award as Westpac Women of Influence supreme winner, going straight into a Mighty River Power shareholder's meeting the next day.

Girls in low-decile schools lack the role models to inspire them to success, says the award-winning business leader.

Why women start business

Sarah Lin wanted freedom and flexibility when she started her 3D printing company.

Winners of the Women of Influence awards 2015.

2015 winners

Businesswoman Joan Withers is named the supreme winner at this year's Women of Influence awards.


Agriculture not in review

Climate Change Issues Minister Tim Groser is calling for submissions on the review of the NZ emissions trading scheme.

Greens say agriculture can't be left out of a review of greenhouse gas emissions target.

Rare freshwater mussels found

10:55 AM  Dairy farmers have found freshwater mussels after protecting a stream and wetland.

Rural fire fighters battle fire and high winds putting out a machinery fire in Southland

Rural areas sit on 'powder keg' 

Farmers are warned the fire risk in rural areas remains high as temperatures rise.

Staff at Starship Hospital use simulation-based training to get the best results for patients.


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