Boy's escape attempt injures

Taradale Primary School, Napier, where a nine-year-old boy was critically injured in an "unfortunate accident".

A boy critically injured in a school window may have been trying to escape after toilet door became stuck.

Police hunt for elderly man

The 77-year-old man went missing in Auckland's North Shore around 5pm

9:35 PM  Police are searching for an elderly man who went missing from an Auckland rest home.

Nicholas praises police recruits

Class patron Louise Nicholas with Constable Jess Moorby at the graduation ceremony in Porirua on Thursday.

9:25 PM  The anti-rape activist never dreamed she would be patron of a class of new police officers.

Welcome sign a bunch of ... 

The Marlborough Chamber of Commerce has come up with concept designs for new signage as drivers enter Blenheim. What do you think of their proposal?

Blenheim's bad signage does nothing to entice travellers into the town centre, says the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce.

MPs get lower pay rise

MPs are set to receive pay rises, but much smaller ones than were proposed in February.

MPs have delivered themselves a pay cut of sorts, trimming back pay increases that sparked a law change.

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Man allegedly surfed on taxi video

Johnny Bennett.

A man who calls himself "danger" has gone on trial for allegedly surfing on a taxi over Auckland's Harbour Bridge. 

Spray can fumes fill train

A passenger struggled to breathe due to fumes following a graffiti attack on an Auckland train.

Cop killer denied parole

Cop killer denied parole


Asset sales fund falls short

Labour MP Grant Robertson.

Government faces $424m gap for spending promises from asset sales cash, Labour says.

Key 'gutted' to miss invite

John Key "gutted" he missed an invite into Air NZ's most exclusive club.

One of the designs submitted to the NZ flag referendum. Designed by David Astil from Waikato

Flag debate will heat up - PM video

PM John Key is unfazed by a lack of interest in the flag debate after forcing it on to the political agenda.


Sex education guidelines updated

It's not just about condoms - schools are being encouraged to look at consent in coercion in their sexuality education programmes.

Schools have been advised to address issues of consent and coercion in their sexuality lessons.

Injuries at school prove costly

Manawatu school scrapes cost over $400,000 in five years, but educators say kids don't need cotton wool.

Auckland Kindergarten Association is running Discover Your Local Kindergarten Week in a bid to combat declining enrolment numbers by raising awareness of the early childhood education service.

Fewer kids at Auckland kindies

Auckland kindergartens face decline in enrolments due to lack of awareness in migrant population.


Injuries at school prove costly

Children born in July 2010 can skip their pre-school year altogether and move straight into prep in 2015.

Manawatu school scrapes cost over $400,000 in five years, but educators say kids don't need cotton wool.

Calls for surgical mesh inquiry

Two women suffering after surgical mesh procedures went awry plead for a formal inquiry.

Health generic

Strike may delay treatment

Palmerston North Hospital's cancer radiation treatment has been cut back as health workers strike over pay negotiations.


Saudi farm deal Q & A


What you need to know about the Government's farm deal with a Saudi businessman.

Supreme Court halts farm sale

Sale of Bay of Plenty farm heads to the Supreme Court.

Much of the work in the Wairarapa Anthelmintic Trial was done by host farmers and volunteers, who contributed labour, stock and resources on eight commercial scale properties.

Drenching doubts cast

Three-years of independent trials cast doubts on the effectiveness of long-acting sheep drenches.

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