Would-be burglars barred by security system

03:28, May 27 2014
attempted burglary
TARGET: Gracies in Fergusson Street, Feilding, was targeted by a car in a ram raid.

A group of would-be burglars were forced to flee the scene of a ram raid empty-handed after their attempts to break into a Feilding clothing shop were stymied by security bars.

A Honda Odyssey was driven into the front sliding door of Gracies on Fergusson St at 4.35am today. Footage from the store's security cameras show the pale-coloured car driving east past the store several times before swerving between two power poles and into the shopfront.

The car nudged at the door three times, forcing it to open slightly. The occupants of the car then tried to manually force the door open, but were prevented from entering the shop by two security bars behind the door. They then drove away in an easterly direction without any goods.

Store manager Sharon Hirst said it was pleasing to see the security systems prevented the culprits from entering the shop.

''While they have caused extensive damage to the doors, fortunately no stock was taken,'' she said.''It is upsetting to know someone has targeted the business and caused such damage.''

She said they were assisting police in the investigation by providing them with access to the store security systems.

Anyone with information about the crime is asked to contact the Feilding police.


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