Rolled truck holds up traffic

23:00, May 27 2014
Rolled truck
OVERTURNED: A truck has rolled on SH2 near Horokiwi.

A truck rolled on the southbound State Highway 2, near Wellington, this morning, causing bad traffic delays and tipping wood across the road.

A single southbound lane was blocked, near Horokiwi between Hutt Valley and Wellington, shortly before 9.30am, NZTA said.

The lane was cleared by 10.45am but there were still delays as congestion eased, NZTA said.

Another vehicle appeared to be involved, police said.

There were no injuries, a Fire Service spokesman said.

Two fire crews plus police were at the scene, near BP Horokiwi.

The truck was carrying wood used for building, which had tipped out onto the road.


Traffic queue
BACKED UP: A massive traffic queue into Wellington after a crash near BP Horokiwi.

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