Council's windows mysteriously shattering

03:11, Jun 09 2014
Broken glass at Christchurch council
THE BROKEN WINDOWS THEORY: Four plates of glass at Christchurch City Council have broken in the past few weeks for no apparent reason.

Experts are being brought in to try and determine why large panes of plate glass on the facade of the Christchurch City Council building are mysteriously shattering.

Four plates of glass have broken in the past few weeks for no apparent reason.

The most recent breakage occurred this morning.

A Christchurch City Council spokeswoman said no-one had been injured as a result of the breakages and there was no obvious reason why the glass was failing. 

The glass was installed by national company Metro Performance Glass. 

Contracts manager Jeff Schmelz said the company was called last week after the first two windows broke to investigate the incident.

Workers would look at the pieces of broken glass and window framing to determine what happened. 

The breakages could be related to "building settlement", but it was too early to speculate on the possible cause, Schmelz said. 

"We're working on it now. We're just keeping the city council and [building owner] Ngai Tahu informed."


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