Wakeful night watching trees tumble

20:58, Jun 10 2014
Auckland storm
Damage to Grant Solley's West Auckland property after a tree was brought down by the winds.
Auckland storm
Grant Solley surveys the damage after the cyclone-strength winds.

Grant Solley spent the night watching the 10m tree in front of his house bend in the wind hoping it wouldn't crash into his West Auckland home.

"You could see the top of it just swaying, I knew it was going to go," he said.

And at 2:30am it went, falling away from the Glen Eden house crashing into a van and taking out the power lines.

Two hours earlier a tree in the backyard of his house had destroyed the fence between his and the neighbours' house, another lucky escape.

"About half past 12 the first tree fell between the two houses. (It was) the size of a small car. That took out the fence and just missed the house," he said.

This morning his power still out but with the sun shining and a gentle breeze Solley could hardly believe the weather of just hours earlier that left with a day off work to clean up.

"It was a rough night. I've been awake since 12," he said.