Tree 'slammed through bedroom'

21:55, Jun 10 2014
Tree in house
DAMAGED: A house in Laingholm was hit by a fallen tree during last night's storm.

At 2am as winds and pounded their home in Laingholm, West Auckland, and a giant pine tree banged on the windows, one couple decided to seek shelter and moved a mattress into their hallway.

"Five minutes after that we heard an almighty crack and the 20m pine tree outside slammed through our bedroom. We just froze," said Rebecca, who did not want her surname used.

The roof was destroyed, branches smashed through the walls and glass shattered all over the bed.

The couple are feeling extremely lucky after their close escape despite recent renovations being destroyed.

"Glenn my partner just had this really funny feeling, lets just move. It was pretty scary," said Rebecca.

It was a pretty good excuse for a day off, said Rebecca who is now waiting for the insurance company to come and assess the damage.


Tree in bedroom
CLOSE CALL: A couple were lucky to escape being hit by a tree that crashed into their bedroom minutes after they had left the room.