Bay Carnival's male bastion falls

19:29, Jun 12 2014
Caroline Bay
WOMAN IN CHARGE: The Caroline Bay Association presidential roll of honour will have a woman’s name on it with Heather Woolstencroft’s election.

For the first time in the Caroline Bay Association's 104-year history, a woman is taking over the reins.

Life member Heather Woolstencroft has been elected president, in time for her 29th annual Bay Carnival with the committee.

She said being elected was "pretty cool" and although pioneering, it was not what she joined the association for.

Timaru born and bred, Woolstencroft started working at the carnival's ticket box, a job she held for 27 years, and "loved every moment of it". She then stood for the committee and was vice-president for last year's carnival.

Her husband is a past president.

She said her background working with large groups and unions helps when pooling people's strengths together. She also intends to bring a woman's touch to the association.


"Men tend to think black and white; women are more creative in our solutions."

However, there is not much she can actually change as most of the event, including the "tried and true" fireworks display and entertainment, is set in concrete.

She believes the carnival is one of the safest places to bring kids over the Christmas holidays and it is here to stay.

"I think [Timaru] would be very distressed to lose the carnival now. We own it and love that we own it ... People drag their family from far and wide."

Woolstencroft hopes to stay in the job for at least five years.

There are currently two other women on the committee.

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