Dog on a log a global star

23:01, Jun 14 2014
Dog on a log
Filipe (Sione) Latu prepares to welcome the dog with a dry blanket.
Dog on a log
Feeling ruff? The castaway canine is spotted by the navy.
Dog on a log
Damien Willis meets his new furry friend.
Dog on a log
The rescued pooch is given a lift back to the island by a passing local.

The incredible survival story of a dog stranded at sea before being rescued by the Navy has become an overnight sensation - but the identity of the castaway canine is yet to be confirmed.

Facebook posts suggest the dog belongs to a fisherman who had been wondering where his pet was.

Messages posted by friends suggested the guy should learn to tie his dog up but also wished the pair well on their reunion.

Sailors on the HMNZS Hawea spotted the 'dog on a log' yesterday and requested permission from their commanding officer, Lieutenant Anthony Norris, to rescue the marooned mutt.

The dog has become something of an overnight sensation and images of his dramatic rescue have appeared on Britain's Daily Mail website, America's Fox News  and Australia's Nine News.

After rescuing the dog, the Navy had planned on taking it to the Great Barrier Island police station. 

But as they made it ashore they bumped into a local who recognised the dog and took it away to reunite it with its owner.

But despite the newfound superstardom, the Facebook stories and the dog's identity have yet to be confirmed and mystery surrounds how the pooch was swept away.

One facebook post suggested the dog jumped onto the log when its owner went alongside while they were at sea.

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