Motorists delayed by truck on bridge

01:44, Jun 16 2014

A broken down truck has been cleared from the Auckland Harbour Bridge but northbound traffic is backed up as far back as Fanshawe St.

The NZ Transport Agency said the truck had been stopped in lane 3 northbound since about 11am.

The agency said at 12.45pm the lane was now clear and traffic was beginning to move again.


A breakdown on Auckland's North Western Motorway has been cleared.

The NZ Transport Agency had earlier warned the breakdown was blocking the city-bound left lane of the motorway between Rosebank Rd and Great North Rd.


Delays were expected, the agency said

At 8.40am the agency said all lanes had now been cleared.


A crash on Auckland's Southern Motorway has been cleared - but heavy traffic queues remain.

The NZ Transport Agency said the north-bound right lane had been blocked by the crash between Manukau and East Tamaki.

At 7am it said all lanes had reopened. However, it warned that traffic was heavy between the Hill Rd/Manurewa onramp and Te Irirangi Drive.

Northbound motorists were earlier advised to consider using the Southwestern Motorway (SH20) and urban route 12.