Boy racer jailed for getaway effort

10:17, Jun 17 2014
Jessie Charles Ormandy
JAILED: Jessie Ormandy, 22, has been jailed for assault, car theft and trying to evade police after crashing the stolen car.

A 22-year-old who caused $14,428 damage in a getaway where he clipped a police patrol car has been jailed.

Christchurch District Court Judge Tony Couch ruled out home detention before jailing Jessie Charles Ormandy for two years and one month.

Ormandy, the father of a young child, had asked for the sentencing to be put off so that another address could be checked for its suitability for home detention.

But Judge Couch told defence counsel Tom Stevens that home detention wasn't an option as the jail term imposed was beyond the range where it could be considered.

Ormandy has already served four years and eight month for armed robbery.

He had been out of prison a short time when he got involved in a fracas in Riccarton Road on December 31.


A fight broke out between two women. When a man tried to break it up, Ormandy forced him to the ground and kicked him five or six times in the body and head.

Judge Couch said he could have caused a life-long head injury, or spinal injury, and jailed Ormandy for a year on a charge of assault with intent to injure.

A few days later, while he was on bail, Ormandy took a woman's car using a set of modified keys and went joy riding around Christchurch at high speed.

When police signalled him to stop he accelerated to 120km an hour near a Riccarton round-about.

He lost control, spun the car into the centre island and then into a tree. When he still tried to drive off he was blocked in place by a patrol car. Damage to the car he took and the patrol car totalled $14,428.

He pleaded guilty to charges of unlawfully taking the car, driving while forbidden, reckless driving, and failing to stop for the police.

Judge Couch ordered him to pay reparations for all the damage, disqualified him from driving for 18 months, and jailed him for another 13 months - a total of two years and one month.

Stevens conceded that the driving and the assault had been hideous, but the probation report suggested Ormandy was not without hope.

Home detention might be of more benefit than sending him back to prison where he would hang around with the same group of people as before.

Judge Couch said the driving offences had been premeditated because Ormandy had gone prepared with the modified keys.

"It was out-and-out deliberate offending," he said.

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