Dog to be put down after attack on horses

18:30, Jun 17 2014
Karena Fellowes
SUDDEN ATTACK: Karena Fellowes shows the wound on her horse Picasso, who was bitten by a bull mastiff-pitbull cross at Queen Elizabeth Park in Paekakariki. Picasso threw Fellowes off and bolted, before being caught about 2 kilometres away.

The dog that attacked two horses in a park in Paekakariki is expected to be destroyed this week.

Rider Karena Fellowes was dragged along the ground by her startled horse after it was chased and attacked by the bull mastiff-pit bull cross, which she described as a "killing machine".

The dog attacked Fellowes' horse and her 15-year-old daughter's horse twice in Queen Elizabeth Park on Saturday afternoon. The first attack happened about 4.15pm, when the dog jumped up and bit the 15-year-old's horse. The horse reared and the girl was thrown off.

Her mother rode after the horse, shouting at the dog, which then jumped up and bit her horse. She was thrown off and the two riderless horses took off.

The dog, recently rehomed by an animal rescue organisation and believed to be about 18 months old, was seized by Kapiti Coast District Council animal control officers, who say it will be destroyed this week after its owners indicated they had no objections.

The council said the owners were shaken by the incident and had been co-operative throughout.


Fellowes believed destroying the dog was sad but necessary. "It is not a family pet - a poodle or a cocker spaniel. It is a fighting dog, an enormous dog, a killing machine.

"I feel a little sorry for the dog but, after seeing what it did, at the end of the day it is a completely dangerous dog. It needs to be done; it is the only safe option.

"I cannot see it ever being retrained."

The council is continuing its investigation into the attack.

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