Trans-Tasman kayaker running out of supplies

Supplies are being urgently flown to kayaker Scott Donaldson, who is alone in his craft 560 kilometres from New Zealand and running out of food and water.

An airborne resupply mission planned for Saturday has been brought forward to tomorrow morning.

Donaldson is making a trans-Tasman crossing to help raise awareness around the need for physical activity in conjunction with the Asthma Foundation.

He was 560km west of Auckland, Helicopter Services BOP chief pilot John Funnell said today.

He was low on food and almost out of water, with his solar-powered desalination unit unable to function in the overcast conditions.

Funnell would be on board a Piper Comanche aircraft leaving Taupo at 7am tomorrow with three loads of supplies to deliver to Donaldson via a parachute drop.

Before flying over the Tasman Sea the aircraft would stop in New Plymouth to take on extra fuel before the three-hour flight to the kayak he said.

Finding the tiny craft would be the greatest issue, although it did have a VHF radio and a GPS tracker.

"Hopefully we can get the food and water to him so he can start paddling furiously to get to the west coast," Funnell said.

Questions remained about how the resupply mission would be paid for.

"The problem is Scott has no sponsorship," Funnell said.

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