Weekend kicks off with showers

20:55, Jun 19 2014

Southwesterlies are set to grace the country along with a sprinkling of rain to see in the weekend.

Showers in the Far North this morning will ease off in the afternoon with fine spells in between, with temperatures hovering around 16 degrees.

The West Coast of the North Island will also see showers easing off.

Cloud will be settling through Whanganui and the Manawatu.

Marlborough is set to be chilly in contrast to Nelson’s seemingly omnipresent sun.

The West Coast of the South Island will be cloudy with a few showers.

Residents of the Canterbury plains can expect fine dry spells after a frosty start. Queenstown is the same and will see some cloud later in the afternoon.

Invercargill can expect showers which may extend to the Otago Peninsula, drying out in the afternoon in time for Friday night drinks outside under the patio heaters.