Man gored by his pet stag

04:07, Jun 23 2014

A Hawke's Bay man gored by a stag yesterday was keeping the animal as a pet a friend says.

Toby Taylor, from near Wairoa, was gored by an 11-pointer stag named Cole yesterday morning.

He was taken by ambulance to Wairoa then flown by rescue helicopter to Hawke's Bay Hospital, where he underwent surgery last night to clean a deep wound.

Family friend Felicity Powbrell said Taylor went to check on Cole, inside a paddock about 400 metres from the house.

"He told us never to go in there but he did [go in]," she said.

The stag - recently out of the mating season - was wound up by a barking fox terrier dog.


"The stag just started hoeing into him and pushing him against the bike," she said.

Taylor rode his motorbike back to the house and walked in with his "gumboots filling up with blood", Powbrell said.

His injuries could have been a lot worse, she said': "It's lucky he didn't get a tine in his chest."

Cole, which had a "good rack" of tines, was the dominant stag in the paddock.

The Dominion Post