Mona Dotcom 'fled mansion in golf cart'

22:02, Jun 22 2014
Mona Dotcom
MONA DOTCOM: 'We had tried to make it work but I couldn't take it any more.'

Kim Dotcom's wife Mona says she left the internet tycoon's Coatesville mansion in the middle of the night in a golf cart so as not to alert security, Woman's Day reports.

Leaving her five children behind was the most difficult part, the 25-year-old told the New Zealand Woman's Day in an exclusive interview.

"Leaving was a massive decision and I hope the children don't hate me for it when they grow up," she told Woman's Day.

Mona told Woman's Day she had now moved back in to a guest house near the mansion and was still on the property. This way the children would be near both her and their father.

"We had tried to make it work but I couldn't take it any more," she said.

"It's not that Kim is a bad man - he's not. He's intelligent and passionate and Kiwis can trust him, but marriage is a different thing ... I've found a deeper happiness and a freedom I've never had before."

She told Woman's Day it had been a real marriage, including the sex which she said people often wondered about.

"I know people said because I had my own bedroom, we were never together," she told Woman's Day.

"But I always wanted to sleep with Kim."

The split hadn't affected Dotcom's family's monthly allowance with it remaining at $20,000. In 2012, following the raid on his Coatesville mansion, Dotcom's assets, including his bank accounts were seized.
Dotcom's lawyer, Robert Gapes, said the Dotcom family was given an allowance of $20,000 a month for living expenses following the raid.

It was up to Kim Dotcom and Mona Dotcom how they divided up the money among themselves, Gapes said.

Mega is planning a backdoor listing through a reverse takeover by NZX-listed shell company TRS Investments that would value the online storage company at $210 million, on paper.

The ongoing battle over Dotcom's assets will be back in court at the end of July as the Crown appeals a High Court ruling that Dotcom should be allowed his fortune back.

For now Dotcom is unable to get his hands on his fortune and this looks to continue for some time yet, with Hollywood film and music studios fighting to freeze his assets following a new civil case lodged in April.

Mona had been pulled out of directorship roles of three of Dotcom's companies a few days before he announced the pair had split but she still controls the family's stake in