Morning run for dog next to car proves fatal

19:36, Jun 23 2014

A dog being run alongside a vehicle was killed and caused another vehicle to crash.

A 74-year-old woman was driving alongside her dog in Washdyke Flat Rd at 7am yesterday when a vehicle coming from the opposite direction hit and killed the dog. After hitting the dog, the driver swerved, hit a bridge, and a tyre blew out on the vehicle.

Sergeant Geoff McCrostie, of Timaru, said such an incident was not uncommon.

People sometimes did not have enough energy to exercise their dogs so drove beside them instead, he said. "You need to pick your day, time and location.

"Clearly that woman didn't get it right."

People needed to be aware they might be at risk, not only to themselves but also their dogs and other road users, McCrostie said.


Aorangi Veterinary Services veterinarian Bryan Gregor said what happened was sad, but it was a cautionary tale.

"The problem with doing that is you have no control over the animal."

Gregor said he was aware of similar instances in which the owner had run over their own dog.

The unpredictable nature of dogs was something that people needed to be cautious of, he said.

The Timaru Herald