Disco assault leads to court

22:57, Jun 26 2014

A Feilding woman has admitted assaulting someone at a Blue Light Disco after becoming annoyed when people tried to stop her putting toxic liquid from a glowstick on a child's face.

In the Palmerston North District Court yesterday, Ngaroma Julie Panirau pleaded guilty to assault.

The 25-year-old was at the disco at Feilding High School on April 11 with a child when she broke open a glowstick and started putting the liquid on the child's face.

Two volunteers called out to her, telling her the liquid was toxic.

That made Panirau agitated, and she told them to stop yelling at her.

But the volunteers said they were simply trying to be heard over the music.


A woman, who was on the organising committee for the disco, saw what was happening and asked Panirau what was going on.

Panirau told the woman to go away as it was none of her business, before punching her once in the face.

The punch caused the woman to stumble, and left her left cheek swollen and bruised.

Police at the disco arrested Panirau.

Judge Gerard Lynch said the matter should go to restorative justice before sentencing.

Panirau was remanded on bail until September for sentencing.

Manawatu Standard