School stabbing accused's sister lays complaint

The sister of the 11-year-old boy who allegedly injured another student at Pacific Christian School has complained about bullying at the school.

The Ministry of Education confirmed today it had received a complaint about bullying by email on Friday from the girl and had discussed her concerns with her.

The Ministry's incident response team has been providing ongoing support to the students and staff after a fight between two boys, both aged 11, at the private school in Mangere left one in a critical condition in Starship Hospital.

The fight broke out on Tuesday last week.

"Because the information in her complaint may be relevant, we have passed it on to police to assist them with their investigation of the incident.  If any matters relating to this bullying complaint are outstanding once the police investigation is complete, we will work with the school to ensure they are appropriately addressed," head of sector enablement and support Katrina Casey said.

Police said the hurt boy had a head injury but would not go into details. 

He remains in a critical condition at Starship Hospital today.

Casey said it was a small school with a close knit community but would need back up and continued support after what had happened.

The school had been provided with guides on bullying prevention and response and access to a positive behaviour programme. 

Pacific Christian School has about 90 primary and intermediate pupils, mostly members of the Tongan Tokaikolo Church in Coronation Rd.