Beautifoal to enjoy country life

21:26, Jun 30 2014
Richard Hayden's horse Beautifoal
NEW HOME: Nikki Subritzky says Beautifoal will be kept in an undisclosed location where she can just 'be a horse'.

A young filly who spent her formative years on the streets of Christchurch will ''learn to be a horse again'' with new owners.

Beautifoal, owned by former Blenheim man Richard Hayden, was bought at auction by Nikki Subritzky today for $1100.

''She is probably the dearest standard-breed in New Zealand, [but] we just had to get her out of the city,'' said Subritzky.

richard hayden
RICHARD HAYDEN: Denies a charge of endangering safety with one of his animals.

Beautifoal was a fixture on Christchurch streets for a couple of years before being impounded by authorities.

Subritzky, who runs a South Canterbury rescue centre for horses, said the young foal had ''missed out on being a baby''.

She had scars from ill-fitting tack, sore feet from walking on concrete roads and earthquake rubble and was overweight.


Subritzky said Beautifoal would be "turned out" in a paddock with other horses and would have minimal handing for six months so she could ''learn to be a horse again''.

''The best teacher for a horse is an older horse. She is actually quite dangerous now. She is really, really sour. She has had enough," she said.

It would not take long for her to learn some manners and ''how to be respectful'', because she was clever.

''Our concern is that Richard will come looking for her. If that is the case, she will go to the North Island.''

Subritzky said Hayden had allowed children to ride Beautifoal, despite her young age, which was dangerous.

''We do not know how anyone did not get killed,'' she said.

Hayden had a second horse, which was put down after being hit by a car on April 4.

Archiboy was running loose on Brougham St at the time.

Subritzky said it was "heart-breaking" to hear of Archiboy's death, because "we had previously tried to get Archie off [Hayden] as well".

Hayden, 46, was charged with endangering safety and entered a not guilty plea in the Christchurch District Court on June 17.

He was remanded on bail to a case review hearing on July 22.

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