David Bain to be a father

18:29, Jul 02 2014
David Bain
DAD-TO-BE: David Bain - acquitted of killing five members of his family - tied the knot in Christchurch in January.

A first baby is always exciting but a spokesman for David Bain says it is even more special considering a short time ago the man acquitted of murder was behind bars and would have never dreamed of a young family.

A spokesman this morning confirmed that Bain was to be a father with his new wife Liz Davies.

"A first baby is always exciting but in his circumstances it's even more life changing because not long ago he would never have dreamed about having a young family."

Liz Bain
EXPECTING: Liz Davies, the Christchurch school teacher who Bain married earlier this year, is due to give birth at the end of November or early December.

He said Bain and his wife had visited him about two weeks ago where he was told of the news.

In a statement, given to the New Zealand Herald, Bain said he was "delighted".

"Elizabeth and I are expecting at the end of November or early December and our families and friends are extremely delighted for us and have been very supportive."


The couple's January wedding was held outdoors, at Trents Vineyard, a wedding venue near Prebbleton in Christchurch.

Davies works at Cotswold School and Bain has landed work at an engineering firm.

Bain, 42, was jailed for 13 years in 1995 after being convicted of killing his parents and three siblings in Dunedin. His supporters have always claimed it was his father who committed the crime.

Bain's conviction was quashed by the Privy Council in 2007 and a retrial in 2009 found him not guilty.

He has applied for compensation for wrongful imprisonment with estimates suggesting he could be in line for a $2 million payout if successful.

The spokesman said it was "unfortunate" that 20 years after the Bain family killings the case was still being mishandled.

"It has been mishandled from day one and it's still being mishandled."

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