Donaldson close to surfing the final wave

GIVEN UP: Scott Donaldson
GIVEN UP: Scott Donaldson

Preparations for the welcoming party are under way as kayaker Scott Donaldson nears the end of his trans-Tasman adventure.

It was hoped Donaldson would arrive at Ngamotu Beach today but weather slowed his progress.

Donaldson's wife Sarah, said his arrival time now depended on how much progress he had managed to make before the southeasterly wind, which was forecast last night, came through.

She said regular updates posted on a website.

Sarah Donaldson said she spoke to her husband yesterday and although he was physically and mentally fine, her job now was to keep his spirits up as he came to the end of his three-month journey.

She said others could also support Scott by posting messages on a website, and she planned to relay the messages via satellite phone.

"He needs everyone to provide as much support as possible," she said.

Extra supplies dropped to the 43-year-old yesterday included some peanut butter and jam sandwiches.

To welcome Donaldson back on to dry land, the New Plymouth District Council is putting up a marquee and a band will be playing. The public are being encouraged to come and cheer him on as he arrives.

This is Donaldson's second attempt at the crossing and if successful he will become the first person to kayak the Tasman solo.

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