Cyclist killed in Hamilton crash named

01:52, Jul 08 2014

The cyclist killed in Hamilton after a fatal collision yesterday morning was Margaret Mary Pouw, 53.

She was killed in Morrinsville Rd when her bike and a courier van collided.

An investigation into the crash is continuing.

Waikato District road policing manager Inspector Freda Grace said initial indications were Pouw had attempted to turn right into Matangi Rd, putting her directly in the path of the southbound courier van.

"At this stage speed and alcohol on the part of the van driver, who was shaken but unhurt in the crash, do not to appear tohave been factors in what has occurred," Grace said.

"These and other matters will be confirmed as the crash investigation continues."


One thing that had been confirmed was the need for all road users to ensure they, and whatever vehicle they were using, were fit for the road, she said.

"In this case the cyclist was wearing a cycle helmet, had hi-vis clothing on and her bike was equipped with a light.

"As we've said, speed does not appear to have been a factor in what happened so then we need to look at decisions that were made leading up to the crash."

Grace encouraged road users to take responsibility when it came to safety on the roads.

"We can help one another make Waikato roads a safe place to work and travel and all get to where we are going safely." 

Waikato Times