Couple want killer dogs locked up

21:18, Jul 08 2014
Josh Lowe
DOG DAY: Josh Lowe says the two dogs which forced their way into his daughter’s guinea pig hutch and killed her two pets in New Plymouth should have been rehoused or destroyed and not released to their owner.

Josh and Michelle Lowe want the two staffordshire cross dogs that ran amok and killed their daughter's guinea pigs locked up.

Instead the dogs have been released to their owners and their fate rests on the outcome of a New Plymouth District Council investigation into the incident.

There is no question the dogs were involved. The pair forced their way into the hutch last Thursday morning, killed the animals and became trapped.

Josh Lowe said he called animal control officers to his home in Omata Rd, New Plymouth, because the dogs were too vicious for him to deal with.

Despite this and suspicions the dogs were involved in the earlier death of a rabbit at the same property in June, the dogs were released to their owner the next day.

Michelle Lowe said a council officer had asked her what she wanted done with the dogs and she expressed her preference they not be released, while acknowledging they could come back if the owner met the appropriate conditions.


"I didn't physically say they could put the dogs back there. We would think with any dog attack, on an animal or a person, the council would take the appropriate steps and lock them up," she said.

The couple said their daughter Amelia, 4, played in the backyard where the attack took place.

The Lowes want the dogs back behind bars immediately and then either split up or destroyed.

Council enforcement manager Lloyd Crow said the council expected to reach a decision on what to do with the dogs by the end of the week.

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