Family group conference for attack accused

04:35, Jul 09 2014

Four Dunedin teenagers who allegedly attacked a trio of girls in an incident that was filmed and uploaded to the internet will attend a youth justice conference, police say.

Meanwhile, the mother of one of the girls connected with the assault says she is disappointed with her daughter's actions.

Police investigated the incident in Cargill St, Dunedin,  in which Makayla Spiers, 18, and Annalise Cooper and Tae Flavell, both 19, were bashed for about 10 minutes by six or seven teenage assailants on Saturday, June 28.

Two of the victims required medical treatment: one had a broken ankle and extensive bruising, and had been punched in the face, while the other had concussion and minor injuries.

Two girls aged 15 and two aged 16 had been referred to a youth justice family group conference, where the matter would be dealt with as part of a formal legal process, police said.

The youth justice family group conference will address the issue of allegations of the serious assault offences.


A video of the attack had been posted on YouTube, but was removed as "a violation of YouTube's policy prohibiting content designed to harass, bully or threaten".

The 14-second clip later surfaced on Facebook.

The mother of one of the teenage girls connected with the assault earlier apologised for her daughter's actions.

"I'm so disappointed in what happened with her and her friends," she said. "You girls need to take a hard look at yourselves."

She also wanted to offer an apology to the victim's families and tell them that her daughter would "be facing consequences for her actions".