Dangling dog poo causing stink

SMELLY CULPRIT: Karekare resident Ted Scott is tired of dog owners hanging their pet’s waste from trees.
SMELLY CULPRIT: Karekare resident Ted Scott is tired of dog owners hanging their pet’s waste from trees.

Smelly "offerings" of dog poo hanging from trees are spoiling the view for visitors to Karekare, on Auckland's west coast.

Ted Scott has lived at the beach for 14 years.

The well-known photographer has throughout the past year noticed small, white plastic bags hanging from trees - bags full of dog poo.

"They are going to all the trouble of collecting the poo but then they leave it behind in the bags. It would be better if they left the poo there without picking it up because then it would be biodegradable."

He says it is not a good look for visitors doing the Hillary Trail.

"I think it's crazy. They look like some sort of cult offering."

Karekare Beach has had no rubbish bins since the mid-1990s when they were removed by the council from regional parks.

Dogs that are on a lead can be walked at Karekare but they cannot access Whatipu or the south of Karekare Beach.

Auckland Council's principal ranger of western parks Stephen Bell says there have been no reports of the issue but that it's disappointing to hear.

"Our expectation is that people walking their dogs pick up after themselves and dispose of their rubbish responsibly, such as in their rubbish at home," he says.

"This is a very disappointing situation and our team would appreciate support from the community to encourage dog owners to act more responsibly."

He says although cleaning crews regularly visit the area, park rangers can't be at Karekare all the time and the council relies on people to pick up after themselves.

"We are happy to work with our dog control people to encourage them to visit Karekare and other locations in the Waitakere Ranges to help ensure people are made aware of their responsibilities."

Failure to remove dog droppings can result in a fine under the Dog Management Bylaw.

People can report these actions to the council by calling 301 0101 and providing as many details as possible about the location or person leaving the rubbish.

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