Mike Pero nominates PM for ice challenge

FREEZING: Mike Pero showered in ice water.
FREEZING: Mike Pero showered in ice water.

Mike Pero tried to look calm and collected but nothing could disguise the pure shock on his face as two buckets of icy cold water were tipped on him.

The Christchurch real estate mogul was the source of entertainment for his staff this afternoon as he donned a silky black Playboy robe before having ice water poured on him and being pushed in a swimming pool.

Pero completed the latest social media fundraising campaign, known as the Ice Water Challenge, to raise money for cancer awareness.

STILL SMILING: Mike Pero recovers from his ice water shower.
STILL SMILING: Mike Pero recovers from his ice water shower.

He was nominated by a businesswoman in Palmerston North and, according to the rules, had 24 hours to complete the challenge and donate $10-20 charity.

Failure to plunge yourself in freezing cold water and post the evidence online results in a $100 donation. Pero not only completed the challenge but also donated to $1000 to charity.

But he took his revenge. Pero nominated New Zealand Prime Minister John Key, fashion designer Trelise Cooper and Christchurch broadcast personality Jason Gunn as the next in the spotlight to complete the Ice Challenge.

''They don't know about the nominations yet.

''But I guess they'll know now.''

Pero said fundraising for cancer awareness had always been an ''incredibly valuable cause'' and he had seen friends and family suffer from the disease and undergo treatment.

In preparation for his chilly challenge, Pero changed out of his smart-casual suit attire and rejoined his staff around the edge of the swimming pool at the Mike Pero offices and showhomes in Avonhead.

''Why hello Mr Hefner,'' his son Aaron joked as his dad tiptoed to the edge of the pool in his Playboy robe.

''I think you should cover the logo up,'' he added.

Pero remained a good sport throughout the humiliation and allowed his son and employee Jake Miller to push him into the pool after they poured buckets of cold water on his head.

''Wow. That was . . . cold,'' Pero stuttered as he jumped out of the pool and quickly demanded his dry towel.

A man died in Kaitaia shortly after completing an ice challenge. However it is understood he had also consumed a litre of alcohol and had a heart attack.

There have been no reported deaths in Canterbury connected to the challenge.

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