Police piecing together fatal crash

Nelson Police are trying to discover why a man was on a highway when he was hit by a passing car and killed last night.

The 40-year-old was hit after he parked alongside Moutere Highway, between Redwood Valley Rd and Greenacres Rd, about 6.20pm.

The man was a foreign national who had lived in New Zealand for many years, Detective John Nicholls said.

Police were trying to piece together what happened and why the man was on the road.

"It's a very dark road, a very straight piece of road," Nicholls said.

"We're just trying to speak to people who were initially on the scene, other motorists and other people of interest to establish what occurred."

A police spokeswoman said it had yet to be established what the man was doing on the road at the time, but there was no evidence he was doing anything with his vehicle such as changing a tyre.

The driver of the vehicle that hit him was uninjured, but was receiving help from victim support.

The dead man would not be named until police had notified next of kin. Police were working with the relevant embassy to contact his family in Europe.

Anyone with information should contact Nelson Police, 03 546 3840.