Mystery around light in sky

03:36, Jul 18 2014

A strange object spotted in the sky over Auckland's far-northern suburbs last night has residents scratching their heads.

Orewa resident Ian Thomas spotted the object about 7.45pm last night as it headed north over Hatfields Beach towards Waiwera.

"I thought it was small plane on fire at first it looked that big," he said.

"Then I thought 'What's the army base doing?' - then final conclusion: I have no idea what it is.

"It was dead silent which made it weird also."

He recorded the sighting on a smart phone.

"It was going in a straight line, but the phone was on max zoom which made it look shaky," he said.

Thomas uploaded the video to Facebook in the hope that someone else saw it too, but also expected a lot of ridicule.

Some people commented their doubts and thought it was just a torch being filmed.

But Alana Hartley commented it had been seen over Pukekohe, and Sharon Pownall said her son had seen the same object for the past two nights.

The police and the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said they not received any reports of the object.

CAA communications manager Mike Richards said anyone who wanted the authority to investigate could send information to

The last reported sighting of an "unidentified object" the CAA investigated was three months ago., and it was found to be a remote-controlled hot-air balloon with bright coloured lights attached.

"They are great for parties but quite often get blown away in the wind," Richards said.

In West Auckland several residents reported on the Titirangi community Facebook page of hearing a "massive bang" between 11pm and midnight last night.

Jolene McCartan commented saying she heard the bang in Kaurilands and other residents then reported hearing a "super-loud bang" in Glen Eden, Titirangi and New Lynn.

Last month a series of loud bangs and rattling were felt by residents in Auckland's north and west.

The Defence Force owned up saying they were caused by 500-pound bombs were being dropped on the Kaipara bomb range during training by Orion aircraft.