Live chat: David Cunliffe

19:35, Jul 21 2014
David Cunliffe
IN THE HOT SEAT: Labour leader David Cunliffe will take questions from Stuff readers in a live web chat on Monday, June 21.

Labour leader David Cunliffe will be live online this afternoon to answer your questions.

We've entered the final sitting weeks of Parliament before the house rises ahead of the September 20 Election, and Labour leader David Cunliffe has come back to a storm of criticism over his leadership. 

Should he have taken a holiday when the party is polling so low? Is it fair he's being criticised more than Prime Minister John Key, who has just returned from Hawaii?

How is he proposing to turn the fortunes of Labour around, just 61 days out from the election?

He'll be joining us for a live chat today, to answer your questions on the site.

Cunliffe will be live online at 4.30pm and the chat box will be open from 3.30pm for your questions.