4WD crashes into house

22:47, Jul 21 2014
Car crash
CRASH: A vehicle took out water mains, power lines and a fence when it lost control in Albany this morning.

A 4-wheel drive has taken out water mains, phone lines, a fence and crashed into a house after the driver lost control in wet conditions.

A woman had supervised her 18-year-old son, who is on a restricted licence, while he drove to school.

She was then driving his car back to their Albany home when she crashed at 8.25am on Medallion Dr on Auckland's North Shore.

Constable Matt Vujcich said she was going too fast for the conditions and lost control at a roundabout.

It is possible she might have accelerated instead of braked, he said.

The woman said the crash happened so fast.

''I don't know how it happened, I've had 25 years behind the wheel.''

No-one was injured but the car, fence, phone lines and water mains were all badly damaged.

''I was thinking about one thing, don't go in the wrong direction and don't hurt anybody,'' the driver said.

The car crossed Ken Hewitt's property and flattened his fence.

He has lived on Medallion Dr since 2004 and said both he and his neighbour have had three cars crash onto their properties.

Hewitt said another 10 to 12 have come off the road, straightened up and driven off.

''We come home and see the tyre marks coming up and around...We hear the brakes and the skids every week, whenever it's wet.''

He said the streetlight had only just been straightened after the last hit.

''The sad part is that kids walk up and down here going to school. Somebody would have to be killed before anything was done about it.''

The Fire Service blocked off the water main and Vector was on the way to restore the phone lines.


North Shore Times