All Means All halts hunger strike

01:27, Jul 23 2014
All Means All
DEATH THREATS: ALL Means All, previously known as Mark Feary, has been found guilty of threatening to kill Prime Minister John Key.

Prisoner All Means All's intermittent hunger strike is over.

The Oxford farmer, formerly known as Mark Feary, started eating and drinking again late last week.

The reason he gave up the hunger strike is unclear, but comes as police say they are investigating his allegation against an officer.

All Means All is serving a four-month sentence in Christchurch Men's Prison for threatening to kill Prime Minister John Key.

His hunger strike started in mid-June because he accused a detective of misconduct in giving evidence at his trial.

He accepted food and water in hospital, but continued his hunger strike once back behind bars.


A supporter who visited All Means All in prison on Sunday said he was already "bouncing back" after his weight dropped to about 56 kilograms.

Canterbury District Commander Superintendent Gary Knowles said police were investigating a claim made by All.

Christchurch Men's Prison manager John Roper said: "While we can't comment on individual offenders, we welcome the decision of any prisoner who ends their hunger strike as this is in their best interests from a health and welfare perspective".

All Means All is due to be released on Monday.

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