'Boil water' notice after chlorine gas leak

05:00, Jul 25 2014
gas leak westport
CHLORINE LEAK: Firefighters are investigating a possible chlorine leak at a West Coast water pumping station.

A chlorine leak at a West Coast water pumping station today was minor and quickly contained, but nearby residents have been warned to boil their drinking water.

A chlorine-gas detection alarm went off between 8.30am and 9am at the Coal Creek Pump Station, near Taylorville.

The pumping station supplies Greymouth drinking water, but the council said the leak posed no risk to the public.

Firefighters in breathing apparatus were investigated the leak after council staff alerted the Fire Service.

A Fire Service spokesman said the leak was small and it had been dealt with by crews on-site.

Specialised equipment had been en route from Christchurch, but had not been required.


Grey District Council assets manager Mel Sutherland said the problem had been tracked down to a failed seal which had allowed the gas to escape, triggering the alarm.

The leak had been fixed on-site and, while it had been potentially serious, Sutherland said no-one had been injured and the council was satisfied with the response.

But because the chlorine plant had been turned off for a period, residents on the Greymouth water supply were warned to boil their drinking water until at least 8am tomorrow.

That included homes in Cobden, Blaketown, central Greymouth, Karoro, South Beach, Paroa and Boddytown.

Sutherland said chlorine levels had fallen below the minimum required level but were expected to quickly return to normal.

Affected residents could call the council on 03 769 8611 for information, or check for updates at www.greydc.govt.nz.

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