Nicky Wagner fails to get money owed

Christchurch MP Nicky Wagner.
Christchurch MP Nicky Wagner.

Christchurch MP Nicky Wagner has failed in her legal bid to get $340,000 she says an Auckland businessman owes her. 

Wagner sold 75 per cent of the shares in her two websites, and garden-nz, to Auckland businessman Robert Gill in April 2008 for about $700,000 on a deferred basis, but later disputes arose which eventually went to arbitration. 

At that time about $280,000 was still owed.

In February 2011 arbitrator Barry Paterson QC found in Wagner's favour and awarded her $319,606 plus costs of $21,000. 

Gill did not pay and Wagner went to the High Court in late 2012 alleging Gill had asset-stripped his companies to avoid paying her.

Wagner's bid was unsuccessful. She appealed the decision, and the case was heard in Wellington in March.

This week the High Court decision was upheld - Wagner's appeal was dismissed.

In her written decision, Justice Christine French found Gill was not acting unlawfully when he moved assets between companies.

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